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  1. You people can be so confusing.
  2. I've been looking for a pixel artist for a new project I'm working on. There is no thread for it or my other project (two at once), but their is a website for my other project ([http://mahtava.allalla.com/homain](http://mahtava.allalla.com/homain)).
  3. Great! Just let me know when you can help?
  4. What kind of GUI (EO) can you do for free?
  5. What's going on in those bars up there? It's very interesting.
  6. Thank you for resizing those images. They were awfully large before.
  7. I like it. If it were a slightly different (and BRIGHTER) color when moused over in the client, it would be nice.
  8. I've been wondering about this, too. A key point in my game would be to unlock classes.
  9. It sound more like talent center to me.
  10. Thanks, but before looking or making some, I was wondering if anyone here knew of any. I really am running out of things to create and do for my game without the sprites. Also, I believe I have found some decent items; I just have to convert them now.
  11. I can map for you! PM me if you're interested in having me. I've mapped for others before, and they were rather satisfied with my work (check out the Warfront Online [now dead] thread. I didn't map for the screenshots, but there's some nice critique there: [http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,80752.msg864956.html#msg864956](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,80752.msg864956.html#msg864956)).
  12. I like it, but there's no walls on the sideā€¦
  13. Personally, I liked the first layout better, but it's still not bad.
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