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  1. Hiya guys, I have finally got around to releasing some of the source from various projects I have been working on throughout my time at eclipse. This is a combination of lots of custom scripts, optimisations and features that I personally have made as-well as those found about the forums. I don't have the time to specifically credit them all but if anyone would like to be credited feel free to ask. While this package on its own may not be intricately valuable as it stands I really feel that it has a good chance of being a good framework for people to rip and learn from. What is in the package? Essentially this is a single player eclipse client that was never truly finished. I never truly figured out why I started to convert eclipse to a single player engine but hey ho' I did it anyway. This package is by no means complete and WILL NOT export to an exe due to a number missing variables from where I have ripped the core engine apart. However if you do intend to use this engine as a base it wont take much to fix that. Here is a list of the main customisations that I made - * Converted to single player * My custom GUI elements * Particle engine * Progressive tiles engine (Resources such as plants can grow over time or decay - reference item editor) * Resizable client size * Main menu background scrolling map * character customization - hair, eyes etc * Bass sound engine * wasd movement * Action text * Basic hunger and stamina * Item placement script * Item Placement range detection * Npc object destruction * Destructible walls * Boss type npcs - Single spawn npcs that will not come back once killed * Crafting system with GUI elements for the shop interface * Resizeable client window * Skills and skill levels * Multiple resource based drops and chances * Resource collection particle effects * Attack animation particle effects * Advanced and fast npc path-finding * Jumping script (current deactivated) * Draggable user interface * Multiple shop items with multiple costs and drawing * Fast map tile placement auto-tiling refresh Probably a heap more too but I forget. If anyone at all finds this useful then I will consider my time well spent. Much of the GUI elements are very much not fixed into place, such as the game gui is all over the place and the menu buttons are non existent, if in doubt try using the keyboard keys! **Download-** >! [http://www.sendspace.com/file/cc7vy5](http://www.sendspace.com/file/cc7vy5) Enjoy!
  2. Defiantly going to be hard to keep up that kinda work on a day-to-day basis, what made you choose such an intense schedule?
  3. Another make my game for me and you get "creditzzz" thread….
  4. I'd love a copy if you have one spare going, thanks. Steam name - kn1femunky
  5. Heya, I am available today. Message me the details and I will get on it within the hour.
  6. Heya guys and girls, For several months now I have been working on a game concept and it is approaching the stage now where I would like to start fleshing out the games aesthetic and style. As such I am happy to announce that I am recruiting a **single** talented artist to work closely with me to complete a number of unique graphical tasks. The game itself has been constructed using the eclipse engine as a base but has been heavily customised and adapted to suit my uses. The engine I have created is designed for single player game play in mind. The game currently has many unique features that set it miles apart from most others in development and I hope only to push this further in the coming months. The core graphical work that I am after is a single sprite, yes a single sprite (the games main antagonist). However a huge part of the games mechanics involve interacting with the environment in a number of ways. As such a considerable number of animations to match actions will be needed. I'm sure anyone with the skills required should be able to easily adapt and change the core sprite. Other graphical elements will be required but getting the core character animations right is defiantly my primary concern. I already have a base number of outsources tile-sets that I am shamefully happy with, but the most unique assets the better. This will all be fleshed out in its entirety to anyone showing a key interest in the role. Please either reply to this thread or personal message me. I do not have time to waste so applicants should provide - - Why your interested in taking up the job, (Just stating for some cash is fine) - Clear examples of previous work - Weekly hours you will be able to commit - Any potential conflicts of interest / other projects Payment is negotiable and will be via PayPal and nothing else. I have done transactions on these forums before I can provide reputable vouches if need be. Anyone showing a real interest in the project and having the skills to back it up I would love you to consider joining me to develop the project to completion and share with any of the success it may have. Looking forward to any applicants, Zero.
  7. Not to put a complete downer on this but essentially paying someone to make your game for you will never work out…. For you.
  8. They got like 40000 pre-orders less than 10 days.. thats insane o.0
  9. There is a tutorial already on this. Next time I suggest searching for it - [http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/128599-adding-event-system-23-into-20/](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/128599-adding-event-system-23-into-20/) Essentially what you want to do is remove the old one and just paste that one in. In your not upto the task why not just use eclispe 2.3?
  10. I tested this out and the method he uses here is pretty much exactly the way in-which I would of gone about adding this kind of functionality. Although I have yet to thoroughly test it through it seems to do the job. Anyone off put with changing this amount of code in their project shouldn't probably be doing it in the first place.
  11. Just add a timer that activates when they die in the game loop then only send the re-spawn command once the timer is up. Simples.
  12. Yeh, its goblin generator from rpg maker vx.. [http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=54678](http://www.rpgmakervx.net/index.php?showtopic=54678)
  13. These are pretty awesome, good job and thanks for sharing.
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