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  1. Ohhh my bad i didn't noticed :/ It would be nice to put it in quote haha ! Thank you GodWar i'm going to try it EDIT : Working P-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y , thanks GodWar to remind me this ^^ But there is another problem when i change the resolution there is the map , but also there is blank on the sides when i try to map this i can't only i need to resize the map , to map it is it normal?
  2. Hmm i'm not really sure , but what if , you try to manually save each tilesets to their own extension? like the tileset 1 is png , open it again on paint and save it again in png then put it in the game folder And try it again , if it didn't work … i would say download a clean version of Eclipse and try it again?
  3. ^^ Thank you ! watch i did : Change: ``` Private Direct3D_Window As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS 'Backbuffer and viewport description. ```To: ``` Public Direct3D_Window As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS 'Backbuffer and viewport description. ``` Change: ``` Public Const MAX_MAPX As Byte = 14 Public Const MAX_MAPY As Byte = 11 ```To: ``` Public MAX_MAPX As Byte Public MAX_MAPY As Byte ``` Change: ``` Public Const HalfX As Integer = ((MAX_MAPX + 1) / 2) * PIC_X Public Const HalfY As Integer = ((MAX_MAPY + 1) / 2) * PIC_Y Public Const ScreenX As Integer = (MAX_MAPX + 1) * PIC_X Public Const ScreenY As Integer = (MAX_MAPY + 1) * PIC_Y Public Const StartXValue As Integer = ((MAX_MAPX + 1) / 2) Public Const StartYValue As Integer = ((MAX_MAPY + 1) / 2) Public Const EndXValue As Integer = (MAX_MAPX + 1) + 1 Public Const EndYValue As Integer = (MAX_MAPY + 1) + 1 ```To: ``` Public HalfX As Integer Public HalfY As Integer Public ScreenX As Integer Public ScreenY As Integer Public StartXValue As Integer Public StartYValue As Integer Public EndXValue As Integer Public EndYValue As Integer ``` Change: ``` Direct3D_Window.BackBufferWidth = 800 ' frmMain.picScreen.ScaleWidth 'Match the backbuffer width with the display width Direct3D_Window.BackBufferHeight = 600 'frmMain.picScreen.ScaleHeight 'Match the backbuffer height with the display height ```To: ``` Direct3D_Window.BackBufferWidth = 960 ' frmMain.picScreen.ScaleWidth 'Match the backbuffer width with the display width Direct3D_Window.BackBufferHeight = 768 'frmMain.picScreen.ScaleHeight 'Match the backbuffer height with the display height ``` and after this i didn't replaced the frmain , i just did everything in the way 2 and when i compile it highlight : "Combo" :/ what wrong i did?
  4. in Eclipse Nightly when i search : Private Direct3D_Window As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS 'Backbuffer and viewport description. it didn't found in Modconstants :/ … and when i research in the whole sources i found 2 Please help me tell me exactly the code and where i have to place it into eclipse nightly
  5. clark

    Full Screen Resize

    Oh ok ^^ thank you !
  6. clark

    Full Screen Resize

    Hi , is there any tutorial / code That can put the game full screen and adapt itself on the screen of differents laptops screen without making the character etc look like stretched etc .. ¨ is it possible?
  7. I was saying that in crystalshire when the client is loading it show 3 pictures And i said How can i do it ? I mean for Eclipse Origins
  8. Thanks , but you sure there is no possibilitie to do just by showing up pictures?
  9. Hi , in crystalshire when you boot up the client it show you 3 pictures before the mainmenu How can i do this? ¨ Thank you very much ;)
  10. jcsnider , when you'll release the next version of Eclipse Nightly , how could we update our project to the next version without deleting anything and without corrupting the game ? Oh and , do you accept suggestions to add on your engine ? or you choose which system etc … will be on it ? ^^
  11. Thanks for your replyes ^^ Hmm so i gonna stop the production on Crystal , I have 2 choices , 1-Take Eclipse Origins 2-Take the another engine with dx8 like you said So tell me the name of the dx8 engine , and tell me what dx8 have of advantages please ^^
  12. Oh ok thank you very much for this rapid reply i'm gonna ask you some things again and i need to go sleep so i wont reply that faster Hmm actually Eclipse origins (the latest) Do i have to edit the system to make it able to recognize perfectly VX char , tilesets ? And what about Autotiles? i need to add it too ? Is there any possibility to make an external Map editor? because it's not really comfortable to map it into the game screen. Oh and , i saw scripts section where there is alot of scripts imcomplete or ressources deleted , maybe forum transfering ? then where will i be able to found them back ? I think it's all for the moment ^^ well i go sleep good morning/night !
  13. Hi people (I'm french) so i'm not good in english :embarrassed: So i have some questions to ask , but first i need to talk about CrystalShire As i heard , CrystalShire old version is now free to use , but you need to give credits . So i'm gonna ask you , can i use it without any problems ? i mean the reasons i would like to use it , it,s because it's look like to be more advanced , more faster etc.. than Eclipse Origins (the latest version) Correct me if i'm wrong… but CrystalShire is very faster and more stable than Eclipse isn't it? Well if i'm wrong then , can you tell me why Eclipse origins take more time to load than CrystalShire + How to optimize it , and if Using Eclipse Origins it's better and for wich reasons. Also i really need to ask you How can i edit the FrmMain of Eclipse origins? because there is alot of things they no show up when i open it in vb6 i mean it's transparent and ... not really easy for me to know where each things are etc... Oh and by the way , thank you to put the french section back , i really needed it and people would like to use it too ! It would be great to help us to add more scripts etc into this section , people will come easly if there is lot of things . You should know that french people are too lazy to learn english that's why 90% of the french people won't come here :P Ok Thanks to people who will reply to me and don't insult me please I'm not an expert about things on Eclipse i just want to learn Like yoda teach to jedi's... ok i'm joking ^^ Bye
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