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  1. I like all , as people said you should add an option because that would give more comfort for people who would like to change it ! good continuation.
  2. clark

    .dll's [Solved]

    By default when you don't change the directory it install in C:\windows\system 32 or 64 bits\ Be sure to select System32 if it doesn't work install them into a folder on your desktop then copy and paste it to the right place. I suppose that some administrators rights are requiered to be installed that's why some of them are missing. Once you pasted them run the CMD in administrator rights then type ; REGSVR32 dllname.dll (change dllname to the name of the dll's you pasted ) then press enter each of them need to be correctly registered (some of them won't because of the file itself)
  3. You won't have the same result with theses scripts but it's a beginning, **EO 3.0:** http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/128175-eo-30-tile-based-simulated-lighting-system-10-deathbeam/ **CS:DE :** http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/128118-csde-simulated-lighting-system/
  4. I'm not sure but i guess it means a system who automatically use potions when you reach a certain HP like you have 5 Hp on 100 , it will use a potion to give you hp again .(Hp/Vitals)
  5. You did add the little : **'** **before your message ? My keyboard is also English , but other players (french) are using AZERTY keyboard and still don't work (mine too but only when using 'messagehere By the way i'm using v.21 the latest one**
  6. No in the screenshot you show me Map message , map message work correctly now type this in the chatbox and enter: **'éà é**
  7. Thanks for trying to help me , but this didn't worked , Now i suppose i need to find the same prevent hack for the map message and paste it to the global one right? Edit : they are both same code in prevent hack so didn't worked too
  8. How can i fix that? is there any textures i can find without doing it myself on Photoshop? But even without the textures the message don't display at all in the chatbox and in the bubblechat
  9. Hi , French Users have letters like é è etc… when someone try to put a message wich contains theses letters it simply doesn't show the message in the tchat . There isn't a problem with the normal chat (Map) only with the global one. I took a look into the code by searching Globalmsg and comparing it with the map chat but can't see what is missing anyone could tell me ?
  10. Perfectly working ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png)! Nice job
  11. Hmm not visualy talking more inside the server (code part)
  12. > i just make suggestions **you decide** later wich one you **keep or refuse**.
  13. Thank you for this tutorial ! I didn't tryed that for the moment Edit : Tryed , Working perfectly thanks ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png)
  14. Hi , Theses suggestions i posted here are just suggestions don't start telling me to learn vb6 or anything like that , i just make suggestions you decide later wich one you keep or refuse. (This message were for thoses who like telling always the same thing) Well , here we go : **Suggestions :** **- Differents server each other connected but each server does one work (like server 1 : Client packets , Server 2 : In-game packets) - Special Label for the money who can display more numbers else than 12k (For example :12 356) (No more visual money taking a place in the inventory) - Moveable Gui i suppose ? i mean fluid moveable gui (no more black shadow when moving it) - Maybe cleaning the dx8 code or upgrading it to dx9 ? (actually i don't know what would do if we use dx9 so …) - Protected files (I see people starting to say "it's useless blablah") there would be an editor wich you put pictures files inside , then you put "encrypt" this editor will encrypt the files (for each game makers the encryption will change automatically so no one could hack it easly) once the files are encrypted there is a new extension the pictures are inside and the client will read them a bit like when you compile your client and you put some background picture inside it automaticaly recognize it and display even if you don't have it in your folder. - Light systems drag and drop differents lights (made on .png files )on the map ( a bit like map editor with tilesets) - Server coded in vb.net ? or C but with a vb6 client (suggestion please keep your calm) - Better Artifical intelligence (editable by an editor ) wich you could easly add more speed to each monsters add different spells , vitals , drops , directions to Each monsters. (A better IA as much as when you attack all the monsters they are not all on the same line trying to chase you... but they could be able to block you ) - Player shops editable (each players could add their own stuff and sell it to others players) even if he's offline. - Optimising the server (you know , unless codes , reducing the code , optimising it etc..) - Different map morals ( Party only , Instanced map (like if two players enter in the same map the server will automaticaly generate the same map for both of them , but they will not be in the same map ) Level Required Map .. - External scrolling map editor (so everyone could easly scroll the map and see it completly (more easy to make maps) - Friend system - Mail system (receive mail once someone is connected) - Real-time message (pop up a window with a message inside) wich could be editable server-side - Better Fighting system (if you hit hard on the monster , the monster try to avoid you ) not chasing you same else (if he hit harder on you , he start chasing you.) Also make the ctrl available to kick at a distance of 2 tiles (not 1) - Damages on Stuffs , stuffs have lifetime , once the liftime is about the half it pop up a message telling you to go repair . If you don't then the stuff breaks you can't use it until you repair that. - Reset stats possibility on spells or potions - Real armor defense , and skill damages (editable using a .ini or editor) - Ranking system displayed on a website (the server generate a ranking file (with character pictures) the server have the ftp informations and automaticaly send them on the directory on your website.** That's it for now ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png)
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