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  1. Do you try it with more lights than one? How THIW looks like?
  2. The Text needs some shadow. And more detail in the background :)
  3. Gimp is free! =) Try it ;) Believe me your works will be 1000 times better ;)
  4. For Photoshop: http://psd.tutsplus.com/ For Gimp: http://gimp-tutorials.net/ Its not as strange as it looks its easy ;)
  5. Sure its nice :) but not possible with paint :) Use some brushes and textures and you got those results :)
  6. @Eckhart: > What? With textures like from these page you can build cuter menus like this: [![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/21019195d71cff02cbc364c9f1d1230e.jpg)](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/#21019195d71cff02cbc364c9f1d1230e.jpg) I only user textures from that site!
  7. I prefer textures this looks like C64 :) http://www.cgtextures.com/
  8. @Nic: > Is this version going to get a larger game screen window? If you wan't a larger Gamescreen is this: http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,81380.0.html ;)
  9. I think no becasue the only the Server do anything. ther is NO SQL Code in the Client. You can try it in the login but i bed you can't inject the DB!
  10. Hmmm! First: I don't try it with the EO 2.0! Because i do this for EO 3.0 :) Second: You know that this only work with the myBB i post!? Because this forum use the easyest salt i found. Other Boards use antother salt method. Third: The sqlAddUser is not finished yet because i delete it because the user MUST register in the forum! Same with sqlDelUser
  11. sqlGetSalt only got calles when user login! So when you got the error before there is something missing. But you only need the 2 DLLs IN your \server\ folder and the refernece to the MyVbQL.dll which activate the "MySQL Visual Basic API v2.0.0"
  12. Did you do "5\. A reference in your Serverproject to the "MyVbQL.dll""
  13. Not as easy as is looks like! :) Only draw the Inv is not all! You must draw the items, drag and drop, and infos etc… :) But i create a gui system later! :)
  14. I would recommend to you to use textures for your work!
  15. HTTP Requests? Thats not a good idea! VB6 has MySQL support and its really easy. Only thing which takes time to find the value of in this case items, what htey are and how to save in the db… But after some work this now go faster.
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