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  1. @ whitespirits, i am sorry you feel this way, your messages on skype have illustrated that you were more than happy and that you had recommended my services to others. i would be more than happy to correct anything that is directly related to my programming, but i was under the impression you went with another developer hence removing the files from dropbox, and generally i don't cleanup other programmers messes hence why people come to me to fix there problems. iocp comsocketserver is more advanced than winsock which has lag, it will handle a huge load, i prefer it to other systems. if you expect any resolve, please review your comment and contact me appropriately. not only did i perform the services you requested i also added tutorials which you wanted which was labor beyond the initial quote i provided.
  2. Growlith1223 is right, you have to save it to a picturebox, thats the only way of doing it without coding a novel.
  3. there is no negative reports. oh well. bump ! ;)
  4. PM me if you have concerns.
  5. good luck to you to my friend :)
  6. xXaden


    im down for a programming contest ;)
  7. looks pro, keep up the good work ! i have programmed world maps like these for people, you did a good job on the art !
  8. use a non side scrolling engine or pay somebody in the talent center to change it to your liking…i doubt anybodies going to do this for free, quite a bit to change in the movement codes and we don't even know what engine / source your using ! ;)
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