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  1. Awesome looking map! :D Best of luck for your game!
  2. Open the website on mozilla, i'm like that too when i open in google chrome
  3. @'Sekiguchi: > didnt create tho: > ![](http://i.imgur.com/I61mR4Z.jpg) Seriously? Damn! xD We have the same wallpaper. ![](http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_0NP7OeZosa8/S7eR_1z3bqI/AAAAAAAADSM/iDWJ2ph3zL8/s1600/Nabari.No.Ou..JPG) P.S because that anime, my name is always be Miharu in every game or forum or etc. :p
  4. ![](http://i.imgur.com/7Obs1vu.png)
  5. Just make a item in number 21 and called it "Guild Pass" to make Guild, the cost set to 1 (cost means how many items number 21 required to make a guild) and also i set 0 for both join because we didn't need anything to join the guild xD
  6. Do i need to copy the formula to AoE Case to make it AoE?
  7. @'Dr.House': > @Miharukun > > Instead broadcasting and players PM-ing you, you'd better implement a pop-up system message with a text, a button, and a timer. > > _Appearing on screen_ > **Joe** x **Helen** wedding ceremony begins in 3 minutes **[Attend]** **[Dismiss]** > > If you click Attend, then in 3 minutes you will be Teleported to the Ceremony map. > If you click Dismiss, the message will disappear. > If you ignore the message, it will auto dismiss in 3 minutes. > > Ceremony maps should be Instanced, because there will be some situations like 2 or more weddings starting at the same time. > > This way, players won't be forced to PM the GM or whatever, they will simply choose what they want, attend or continue whatever. Awesome Idea Dr! but i don't really good at Vb6 programming xD but i'll try! Thanks for your awesome Idea
  8. @'Sekiguchi: > I guess this is a good idea, cause nerdy guys who are obsessed with girls will definitely play your game, which means more players!:D But will the weddings be scheduled? because what if there are more than one one couple who wants to get married? And another thing, i dont think you should teleport every player into the wedding ceremony, because they might not want to go, or it might get annoying going to a wedding everyday without actually slaying monsters or doing quests. Hai Seki! Yeah ahaha i was thinking about that too xD and no, like what i said "You need to find the Proposal Ring" Which is very rare to find (because when you found it and you propose your lover you can get Wedding Costume and Items that you can only obtain it in your wedding). If there are more than one couple that wants to get married, i will make a schedule for it ! :D and before i teleport i will broadcast it first, of course players will PM me if they don't want to attend the wedding (maybe they are in Boss hunting, dungeon raid, PvP, Etc.) Actually, if they want to leave when the wedding ceremony is over. They can just leave with Teleport Scroll or go to the Exit Point (It will warp them to one of the Main City) hehe
  9. @'Irij': > Then you just get the same person creating two accounts to level faster. Nope if it has level restrict for Party and Marriage xD
  10. send the imgur pic link :)
  11. @'BeNjO': > There used to be a sadscript version, was really fun, did males = 2 females = 1 then did small math to decide is they were female + female or male + male ect. Woah really? do you still have the script? * * * @'Abyss': > Marriage ingame is the most retarded thing I heard today. @'Abyss': > Good thing I wasn't there because the cringe would've made my sphincter implode into a black hole (black hole, get it?!) Bahaha xD yeah kinda, but it's kinda fun to make the map. And you know, some players really into Online Dating (here in Asia, most people do Online Dating) so yeah, i think this marriage feature kinda fit in xD and uhh i will make sure there is no guy playing girl character.
  12. I've encounter some mmos that has Marriage and Couple system like if the couple play together they can earn more exp, when they married they will receive unique items, etc. I want it on my game but it would be hard to do that, so i just do it originally like you need to tell GM that this player is your couple, then the GM will put it on Couple List. If we see they active for about 1-2 Months, we will let them get married in the game but they need to find a Marriage Ring. If they found it, GM will warp them to the Wedding place, give them the wedding costume, and broadcast it to the game and summon all the players online to there. So, they can attend the wedding. GM will do the wedding speech and so on, after that they can have party on there. :D The speech would look like this (I won't do the speech like this because it contains vulgar words, remember it's just an example xD) Also the music is from the game.
  13. @'MadalinV': > Damn, that's good! Amazing job! Thanks! I think what most important in every rpg game is the Music and Storyline. So, i focused on the music :D Maybe i will release 1-2 of the music in here.
  14. That logo is so dope! maybe could you make a simple logo for me? :D
  15. You got team viewer?
  16. @'Sekiguchi: > very nice!! it sounds very inspirational and smooth, gives me the fantasy feeling. Great job! > > Seki Thanks! It's the short version btw ahaha :D
  17. @'James': > Fits an RPG very well Thanks! :D It's like Japanese rpg theme ahaha
  18. I need your guys opinion for the music i used for my game theme :3 https://youtu.be/TvCbvtmySIk
  19. Little chance people would share/give their Paperdolls. Just make your own bro :D It's not that hard.
  20. I've tried .ogg and it's working smoothly xD
  21. I'm still new to pixel art. let me show you how to make sprite has transparent background. Pic 1 ![](http://i.imgur.com/AYvJXKF.png) First open up your sprite on paint.net and click one the magic wand (i point it with black circle), next set the tolerance to 0% and set the flood mode to that pic (first you will see it has lamp icon, change it to world icon) Pic 2 ![](http://i.imgur.com/pcFNkPC.png) After you set that point the magic wand at the white background and click it, it will looks like that and then cut it. Pic 3 ![](http://i.imgur.com/eNGnFlF.png) Voila, you just removed the white background! :) Do this to all items,sprites,paperdolls that has white background :D goodluck!
  22. Took me 10 seconds to make these two has transparent background using Paint.net [attachment=68] [attachment=69]
  23. See the picture, both for animation tileset has different tileset size. ![](http://i.imgur.com/0ydeU0c.png) This is for Sea, River, Water animation tileset ![](http://i.imgur.com/ldCFsng.png) This is for Waterfall animation. See the different size between each Tileset types.
  24. check the tileset types (there's normal, auto (vx), fake, animation (vx), etc)
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