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  1. **Well I missed a good bit of activity, didn't I?** It's nice to see the Eclipse community found my old pet project useful. And it's even nicer to see the community taking initiative to restoring the project. I came back when I was given a website report that Voltisoft was receiving more than 100 downloads a month of our engine. Voltisoft and I (for all intensive purposes I am dictating where Voltisoft goes with this, as project lead) are interested in setting up "Community-backed" and "Official" releases of the engine, instead of dropping any response on this engine and leaving other people to wonder about it. The truth is I've spent a lot more time making other things and not looking back at Mirage Legacy because I felt I worked on it to the point where I didn't understand it enough myself, if that makes any sense. I'm really glad to see people like this product and I will take a few moments to clean up and/or update the OP. **We've got plans for this engine, stick around! Stay strong, community!**
  2. ![](http://indierising.net/filehost/images/logo.png) Suddenly…Mutants! is a Survival top-down shooter made in Construct 2. This project is largely a learning experience for me to learn how Construct 2 works. Play it in your browser, and compete on the Clay.io leaderboards, earn achievements as well. ![](http://indierising.net/filehost/images/gamepic.png) The game is wave based and has a light upgrade system to increase your movement speed and rate of fire by subtracting some of your score, balance your upgrades and skill to reach the top of the leaderboards. This game is also mobile optimized with Virtual Joysticks, best played on the clay.io website. This was again, a huge learning experience for me and feedback is appreciated. Have fun! Controls are explained ingame. Thanks to Jonathan Elihu for the music and Freesfx.co.uk for sound effects. Play it on: Voltisoft - [http://voltisoft.com/suddenlymutants](http://voltisoft.com/suddenlymutants "External link") Supports my studio! Clay.io - [http://clay.io/game/suddenlymutants](http://clay.io/game/suddenlymutants "External link") Mobile Optimized! Newgrounds.com - [http://www.newground…tal/view/636913](http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636913 "External link") Rate it up! Itch.io - [http://shiburizu.itc...suddenlymutants](http://shiburizu.itch.io/suddenlymutants "External link")
  3. Could you post a screenshot of what you see when you compile? If that's a compile error I'd like to see what line it highlights.
  4. I'm not SnowStorm actually ^^;; But I am in charge of this here engine. It's a possibility, and I'll definitely look into it. There's a lot of little things I'm interested in customizing for the next update, so I'll be experimenting with a few things over the next few days.
  5. Thanks for the backup there Growlith. I'll add that as a mirror.
  6. **WE'RE BACK!** Hi Eclipse! After various events in my life including legal struggles and studies I've had little time to work and I'm finally found time to fix ML getting rid of the major event and quest bugs. I must sincerely apologize for the inactivity but I had a lot going on in my life and now I have to time attend to doing what I love - providing for the devloper community. Take a look at MLv1.2 in the OP, and I'll be posting details on modifying the source to fix the bugs yourself soon. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy!
  7. GAMEBULB - Shedding light on Game Design. GameBulb is a blog reviewing and voicing in on everything regarding the videogame industry. From the common trends of game genres to the technology powering today's games, GameBulb looks everything over and makes it accessible, and easy to understand, with food for thought for everyone. I'm the sole writer right now but I have a lot in store. Currently using WordPress to suite my needs. It's very new, and I've written one article regarding classification of Fighting Games to give an example of my writing style and what I'll be touching on in game design. Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome. I'm asking that you all spread the word, to any and all gamers or news readers. I've got a lot in store, so I want to share it with as many people as possible. I'll be looking for an editor or another storywriter at some point, if anyone is interested please let me know. Check out my site at [http://gamebulb.wordpress.com/](http://gamebulb.wordpress.com/)
  8. UPDATE: I've cleaned up the thread, added some new links, provided some notices. Thanks for supporting Legacy! We're topping the IndieDB charts! If you like the engine, head on over to our IndieDB page and give us a good rating!
  9. Does anyone have a fix for the problem where you cannot update an offline player's data?
  10. Update: v1.1.1 is out, addresses some major issues and adds a new things. Enjoy! Download Version 1.1 Here: [https://docs.google….dit?usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1XLpPKpfjK1eC1wSV9SQm9ONE0/edit?usp=sharing "External link") NOTICE: Since I use Google Drive, hit either CTRL+S or go to File and select Download to get the full ZIP file. ===Changes in v1.1 -Fixed a bug with looking at item/spell descriptions on the hotbar. -Added the Arena map attribute, credit to Kibbelz. -Shrank and redesigned a few key editors, and added some a new command to the Admin panel. -Fixed issues with text and editors that were present =fixes in v1.1.1 -Fixed a bug in the Warp function -Tweaked the rendering system for text to make word-wrapping line itself up properly.
  11. Let me articulate a couple things to you all seeing as there are people criticizing my choice in naming the product. First the Eclipse name has been coming under fire. With the new management and official engine there is the possibility of changes in the licensing in the name, which nobody here can really confirm. I've a read a bit about buggy systems here and really my only reply to that is to prove that to me so I can work with it, because really, I'm not going release this without providing support. At the end of the day I'm getting complaints from people who won't need this or want it. But that's fine, because that's one of many voices to hear for feedback. Those who want this now have it and that's really what we put our stuff out there for. Do I acknowledge the statements made by people like Stein and Zeno? Of course. Do I think branding this under Mirage might be misleading? I'm definitely going to debate myself about it. Again, People will need it, people won't, but I'll listen anyway.
  12. ![](http://i.imgur.com/D8JevBu.png) [![](http://button.indiedb.com/popularity/medium/engines/525.png)](http://www.indiedb.com/engines/mirage-legacy-2d-orpg-engine) _Have a look:_ >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/i2qoqPG.png) ***NEW*** - Mirage Legacy is currently undergoing a long-term support plan, you can take part by posting in the new [Voltisoft Subforum](http://voltisoft.com/forums/mirage-legacy-engine) about your latest endeavors with the engine. We'll be releasing tons of information soon! **What?** Mirage Legacy is a Custom Version of Eclipse 2.3 returning some of the best source additions from the Eclipse community into one simple but dynamic engine with the basic needs of an ORPG ready for you. Unleash the power of Mirage and Eclipse with one engine that is free and open source now, and forever. **Why?** The reason is simple. The history of Eclipse and Mirage are being quickly and easily forgotten by many and the true spirit of Eclipse is being lost. This is a tribute to what it once was and what it can become. Create the game _your_ way with no limits, no restrictions, and open source code. **What can it do?** -Open source now, and forever. :Don't like something? Want something new? Open up Visual Basic 6 and have your way with it however you'd like. The engine is free, and always will be. -Rich Event System :Resembling the system implemented in the RPG Maker series, edit and customize events to create NPCs and Cinematics like no other ORPG. Create detailed and rich dialogues and riddles that rival anything out there. -Quest System :Create epic quests and adventures with great rewards and challenging tasks of all kinds with a rich and detailed Quest editor packed in. -Social Enhancements :Take advantage of the packed in Guild system, E-Mail system and Various chat channels included in the engine to give your players every method of communication they'd ever need, and if you ever need more, the program's built in packet system is clearly understood and open to edits. -Combat Enhancements :Enhance your spell casting, sword slashing experience with a clearly understood pet system and combat tweaks like auto-targetting, Item consume tweaks and NPC speed options, all packed on top of the rich combat system. Take the battle to the long-distances with an open and frantic Projectile combat system integrated into the Weapon editor. **I have questions!** Currently you can find me and a FAQ posted over on the official Voltisoft subforum: [http://voltisoft.com/forum/mirage-legacy-engine](http://voltisoft.com/forum/mirage-legacy-engine) **Where do I download this?** Download the latest release here: [http://voltisoft.com/miragelegacy](http://voltisoft.com/miragelegacy) **A Voltisoft Open Source R&D Product** **Created by Kevin Higgins (Snowshinobi)** **All contributions credited in the README**
  13. > Many debates have started over the scripting system in EO 4.0\. The main/only reason it hasn't been done or been put onto the 'todo' list is purely because scripting allows users who are using the eclipses server hosting facilities and gaining access to the server host via the scripts. Its quite easy to set up and might even result in destroying the server if the person who wrote it had any talent at all, destroying everyone's data who has paid for the server hosting. I'm sure a safe method will spring to mind, if you find one please do post it. I would personally love for scripting to be in EO 4.0. This was brought up my Kibbelz as to why there is not a scripting system because it would destroy the current unified server. How to fix this? Notice in the features for EO4, you find this; Server List that allows you to connect to any EO 4 based game with the same client. Don't do this. People make their own games and pour their time and effort into it so it is THEIR game. People should be able to do whatever it is they can to be able to single out their title from every other because that is how you create something original and great. If you want to make a GOOD Eclipse engine, I highly recommend to the developers to consider removing this functionality and implementing a scripting system that is user-by-user based. This is my 100% honest opinion and I will accept whatever challenges to my logic the new developers or those opposing my opinion bring forth to me.
  14. I like that these fixes come out. But I have to ask is, was there a previous issue with the system?
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