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  1. @'BeNjO': > I randomly chose to watch boku no pico last night before bed, It seems it was a wrong choice, teen lads that look and sound like women with male bits getting put into places they shouldn't be. Shame they blurred it though xD. Lmao! I kinda was wondering what it was last night, now I know XD
  2. Thanks ya all for the nice suggestions! Ended up watching Corpse party and Angel beats. After i finish those i now know where to look for new ones thanks to you all :p
  3. @'Matt': > I've heard some good things about a franchise called "Pokemon". Not too sure if it's worth looking into or not; I don't really watch anime, so, I wouldn't know. Wow this one is truly amazing!
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys can help me out. Im looking for something like Tokyo Ghoul or Deadman wonderland kinda genre. Feel free to post anything that you think is worth mentioning but is not in that genre.
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