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  1. Don't know if that is a compliment or an insult, but thanks anyways. I am using Crete round, whats wrong with times new Roman.
  2. I all for the new website, it has taken to long imo.
  3. no am not using a template, i fix that nav width , i had set width and had forgotten to update the fix nav in the css :D
  4. Mmm that's weird do you know what the error output says?, have you gotten the newest version I think I updated it a few weeks ago
  5. you should get views on your video no matter where it is embedded, i tested my , i haven't had any issue with it , what kinds errors do you get ?
  6. @ Orake the GM where you not able to figure out how to use my launcher ? you have a website ?
  7. wow looks great, reminds me alot of runescape 2007
  8. Well since it's a roleplaying game, I don't see why marriage would be weird, it hardcore but not weird
  9. awesome game is looking great, so this dated 29/4/16 the version that auto updates ? i am guessing no
  10. no video yet , but i did some bug fixes , download link on OP
  11. Wow this came out of now where, thanks alot sky your work is value by me :)
  12. I dont mean to offend you, if you dont know thats find but like i said you should give it a shot, it will help you understand how the engine works. Having an attitude of not wanting to learn is bad As for not helping, i feel that you have no right to ask someone to fix anything if you didn't at least try to do it your self Now if you were to try and you fail we are here to help you out :)
  13. play it for a few minutes , i like it graphics are great there was not lag. great work :D also it be nice to just include the RTP with the game. also if you have a spot open i would like to help out, was making my own dbz game
  14. How about you give it a shot fixing it :)
  15. What ever happen to the eclipse one you were making? Nkw i didnt know there was a xp online thing for it
  16. @Mohenjo Daro thank you, i am happy that it easy for people to navigate @Sekiguchi Okitsugu i went with my favorite color blue , but i tweak the colors and font to try and make a bit more unique i do know i have a few typos but for now i am focusing on the layout and code. the content/text will be correct it before it's 100% done but yea thanks for noticing
  17. Hello to everyone, website link: https://xeron.co/ i am currently working on my personal site to showcase my projects and start a blog about my dev and other tech related things I would like some feedback on the Design. I also want to know how well it work on multiple screens size and browsers. Feed Guide: Device: Browser: Feedback: appreciate your feedback :D *all the current info/content is filler
  18. PD you doing free or paid requests ?
  19. could you post some info about the engine and what it will be capable doing. would be nice to know For the website, can't wait till its done. it will be a refreshing day when it comes out
  20. Xam


    if you find any error let me know and i will fix today since i have time
  21. Xam


    here is one that i created , hopefully it easy for you to use http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/thread-85569.html
  22. project looks really good, but i am trying it out on my 4k monitor and their is some issues with text and windows http://puu.sh/nphnk/4e8981827b.png http://puu.sh/nphrp/cec1141c32.png get resolution scaling :D
  23. Can you make a file explorer and have it replace Explorer. Exe she'll and have it load installed Windows apps
  24. @'Essence': > I'm still unsure how to use this? > Is there anyway you can contact me? i upload a video tut on how to set it up, i think i upload on sat or sun
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