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  1. They should add a minimum dmg that way you don't deal damage as low as 1\. Especially if you're a higher level that's ridiculous.
  2. I've been asking about this project and no one has replied.
  3. I'd like to join your team, but I wish it was C# instead of VB.NET. Anyway, good luck.
  4. The gravitational pull from the sun pulled his eyeballs from its sockets and the dog was screaming with pain.
  5. I was kicked out at my dads place. I am 24 going on 25 in march. Spent ages 18-23 in the Army, came back home after getting out and making a deal with my dad that I could stay at his place while I attend college on my GI Bill. Did that for a year, found myself a gf and her parents lost their house. I had her come stay in my room and maybe a few months later, my dad decided he wasn't having it and kicked me and her out. Slept in my car for a few, now staying at a friends until I find a job (had to drop out of school for now) and that's my situation now. It's pretty rough. You should be alright, if you have a job and some source of money so you can eat and shelter yourself. I hope you don't have to sleep in a vehicle. Good luck to you sir.
  6. Good job on this. I played it for a bit, it looks great.
  7. Nice work. Reminds me of Realm of the Mad God.
  8. Oh no! It's the end of the world!!!
  9. Just ignore him. He will eventually go away.
  10. Just curious, why are you making recommendations explaining how someone should do something when the entire forum is on you for your grammar? If you won't listen to anyone and take advice, why should anyone listen to you?
  11. ``` Private Sub Command1_Click() If cmbClass.ListIndex < 5 Then cmbClass.ListIndex = cmbClass.ListIndex + 1 Else cmbClass.ListIndex = 0 End If End Sub ```
  12. - NPCs can walk off the screen. Cannot see them until they aggro on the character. (By off screen, I mean where the map ends) - Player is not center screen when walking (Maybe intended this way?) - When you kill an NPC, sometimes they walk around dead. Few more observations.
  13. Played the game for a bit and here is what I've noted so far: - Character can walk off screen. - Blood renders above the character. - Game crashes when you die. - Sometimes character cannot attack an NPC. Tried to run and re-position myself and still didn't attack.
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