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  1. Yes it's doable. And no, it's not a lot of coding.
  2. modConstants > Find MAX_MAPS > Change to Public Const MAX_MAPS As Integer (or even Long) then how many maps you want.
  3. Change the data type to Integer. Bytes don't support more than 255.
  4. Thanks so much for this… This has helped me a lot!
  5. Stach


    So what's a way to make cash? Just curious on your guys' ways.
  6. Stach


    What kind of statement are you writing if its overlapping? If you have the rendering code inside of the if/else statement, it should render only one considering which of the conditions is met. I don't know what to tell you rather than to post your code so we can see if you're properly handling it correctly.
  7. Don't bother. MP3's are actual recorded audio whereas MIDI's are not. If you were to use google you would already know about this. If you were to convert it, you can just kick the quality of the audio out the window.
  8. Stach


    Make an if statement and check if they have friends. If so, render that text. If not, render the other.
  9. I'm glad I'm not where you're from. That's pathetic.
  10. Stach

    New tattoo

    Cool tattoo… :confused:
  11. Everyone should read this. It seems 99% of the people making games end up quitting them. This is the reason why I don't really care about anyone's WIP.
  12. @Yonkox: > I can't find the line "sub frm_Load" :( Its Sub frmMain_Load.
  13. Stach


    @Sealbreaker: > the 2-handed battle system with finishers is just awesome :) > what "classes" do you guys play? I play something like a sword/battlemage, using spell (flamethrower atm :D ) in left and sword in right hand, wearing some heavy armor. I'm doing the same thing. Flame in left hand, sword in right. However, I switch it up to shield sometimes for example when I fought the snow troll going to talk to the greybeards. Since the bash seemed stop him for smashing my ass in the snow.
  14. Yeah that's a bit crazy. So I am assuming if the girl said no her family would disown her? lol idk thats weird.
  15. Stach

    Death Sprite

    @Taegan: > Death is a noun that describes the end of life, while dead is an adjective used to say something's life has ended. Thanks for clearing that up.
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