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  1. I can vouch for these guys. Nick does an exceptional job of finding good talent and motivated people. We worked together shortly before I got a gig in the industry (and thus couldn't work indie anymore) and he provided great support and the team has a lot of skill. I'd say, if there's anyone around here with free time, motivation and passion, give these guys a good consideration. Would also like to note, I never felt like I was under pressure working with JBS. Nick did a good job of checking in on progress and constantly tried to gather the resources I needed.
  2. @'Marsh': > The site was still pretty popular but definitely not the size it was back in the day, we were in the top 100,000 websites in the world at one point according to alexa. I knew the site was declining it was mostly due to the fact that I was growing up and had full times jobs and college etc. I could no longer spend all day building Eclipse and advertising. I definitely knew we needed a new engine and it wasnt going to happen without a lot of work which I could not provide at the time. Though the reason I sold it was that I had no money left not even for food. I was behind on my college payments by a month or two and could not graduate without paying it off. All my credit cards where maxed out, student loans maxed out, had already borrowed from my family. They had already shut off my school account I was borrowing other accounts to login and attending classes my teacher was letting it slide. I sold the site so that I could pay off my remaining college fees and move to Quebec to try to find a job. As for the job that came after I sold Eclipse so it had nothing to do with it. Fun fact! I am still 20k+ in debt of student loans and some taxes, but I have payed off all my credit cards without bankruptcy! > > It is something I regret a bit but thats how life works, I am even busier then before arguably so I am not sure I would have been a better owner. Amish had some big ideas and more importantly the money to build a new engine and make things happen. Hindsight is 20/20. > > There is more to it but that is the 30 second verison. Damn, right as I was considering bankruptcy as an option… you have motivated me, sir. Haha, let's be real here though, site owner or not - you're still Marsh. Glad to hear you're bouncing back, wasn't life so much easier when were able to play with these engines?
  3. Marsh working in the industry could also be a huge factor. I don't know what kind of NDA's & Non-competes he has signed, but we could be in deep sh** if we were doing any kind of dabbling in game dev outside of work.
  4. @'God': > Bad decisions are what killed Eclipse. Lots of them. > > The lack of an engine contributes to the stagnation of the community which is actually a cumulative effect alongside many other problems a few of which I touched upon in the other post, but it's not solely the reason that's going to fix everything- if the underlying problems of continual bad decisions doesn't get fixed soon it's going to the point where even those of us who still care (to some degree) are going to give up on it. > > You could argue that Marsh sold the website because he felt it was stagnating due to the lack of an engine and thus was the catalyst that began the death knells of Eclipse. I'd argue that when he sold it, it wasn't much more alive than now. Sure, there may have been more people around but even those numbers don't compare to what they were in the past.
  5. Haha the chat window gives it away :p curious though, how are you planning on handling combat?
  6. This project looks awesome. I will gladly play this.
  7. AcidTumbleweed

    Yuko banned.

    I think the main reason why it's good for us to know is because of the potential security risk. I think that's more important than Yuko and her status with the website IMHO. So thanks for informing us, I think it was the responsible thing to do. Whether or not this thread should be about bashing her, well that's completely up to everyone else.
  8. To be fair, this website doesn't necessarily come up first on google when you search for "Eclipse". It probably never will either.
  9. AcidTumbleweed

    Yuko banned.

    What in the actual…
  10. Not every game dev is a 13 year old kid discovering Eclipse on the internet. If you want to attract a community of experienced/aspiring developers you have to give them a reason to come here. Let's be honest here for a moment, Eclipse & Mirage-based engines are hobbyist applications, ESPECIALLY because they are developed with legacy software for legacy platforms. I've said it time after time, the community needs to provide something that caters to game devs… A place to simply talk about your projects will never be good enough because there is communities far more popular than this one for those exact reasons. Whatever is going on with all of this community drama and the admins putting out fires is purely focused around the people already here with motives (seemingly) to preserve its current state while building on the future of this community. At this point, members who care about the community should show it by making genuine & beneficial posts to the forums or none at all. The admins should hear the opinions of the community to better it but the members can't be asses about it either. Really though, at this point, the admins are the members & vice versa because you're all the same people that have been lingering around here forever. What can Eclipse do to attract more people to the community? That should be the focus and new decisions should be made with that in mind, from both the admins as well as the members. We know that the admins are in talks about how to move forward so everyone just needs to let them try without hassle. Every time these sites try to make a change the community backlashes, the rinse & repeat patterns will be the demise of these forums.
  11. It's a shame to see some respectable members of the community be turned off by it (especially Sky & Rob). There must be some drama behind the front page because this place has been the same to me for years lol. You guys shouldn't leave, though. Eclipse has a lot to work with & it's not too late to bounce back but the current members have to make it a welcoming place.
  12. @'Chief': > What you may not definitely know is that **there have been some major changes to Eclipse very recently, behind the scenes**. One large change is why I'm making this update. What all is going on? I noticed the site was down for a couple of days. Did I miss something in another thread?
  13. Elysium was my start in ~06-07 and like you, it inspired my career. I can tell you, making AAA games is completely unlike anything I did on these communities but what I did benefit from greatly was programming knowledge. Looking back, I'll always remember Mirage engines & VB6 as the start of it all and probably why I still linger. It's cool to see the communities have a similar effect on other people. If you think that was the golden age (it was a great time, won't argue that) you would have loved these communities in 08-09, it was like an explosion of user-created content and most of the significant names around here were actively developing projects, you and your projects would have fit in nicely! Keep that passion flowing, it's seriously the most important part of it all.
  14. @'BeNjO': > This has sort of turned into a "mines higher" type of thread :( Lol I was thinking the same thing, might be worth posting graphics card info - some of these lower FPS might not be too compatible with DX10.
  15. @'daxterxx': > Eventually this will be a bootable application. It will take sometime but yes in the meantime this will be a startup application. Eventually this will be just free to download, the source will eventually be free as well, but id like to pull off some donations so I can get more resources for this. Sounds good, I'll be looking forward to more updates!
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