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  1. slym

    Stepping up.

    That was a really confusing typo xD My bad.
  2. slym

    Stepping up.

    That's a buff baby. I don't think the detail on the body is really necessary–--feeling a bit creepy right now. But aside from that, your walk animation isn't really a walk animation. We lead with your knee when we walk. right now it looks like he is sliding on the ground. Your perspective is also a bit off on the sprite. The body looks much more fit for head on (what you see in platformers) view. Aside from all of that, your technique is nice and shading is done pretty well (don't know what's going on with the top of his head but it'll have hair so whatever). Nice work =)
  3. Fernz: > I did not copy and paste the leaves from step 1\. Instead, I kept those shapes a reference and redrew them where it was appropriate. You can try it if you want, but I just wouldn't recommend it. When you keep them in your head as reference you get to a point of memorizing the shaping. Once you've memorized the shape you can completely skip all 3 steps and just draw them whenever, wherever. But I guess you could try using it as a brush.
  4. If you're looking to improve your color picking, here's some rules that I always go by. 1\. Define the environment. Is this a place with full on natural lighting? Is the sun the source of light? 2\. If the sun is the source of light, try to balance the palette by using all of the colors in the spectrum. This may mean that you have to create more tiles with a large variety of extra plants. Which is certainly not a problem! 3\. If the sun isn't a source, maybe it's best to think about what the source is. Most likely it'll be a colored light, so when hue shifting you should consider drastic changes in the highlight colors to match the color of the light source. 4\. Do my characters read well with the tiles? Personally this one is the hardest. The answer is almost always no. The way to fix this isn't by just applying some dark outline around the character. Instead, take off the outline (as horrific as that sounds). After it's been taken off, you'll likely have to tone down the tiles saturation, contrast, or maybe even remove colors. One trick I use is to give my characters colors that I couldn't use in the tile set. This usually means reds, pinks, light blue (or dark blue depending on your water), etc. Using these colors will force it to pop out. Once you feel that the character is visible you can go ahead and reapply the outline. Unless you think it looks better without one… usually the case if your sprites are larger. Anyway I hope that helps. One thing I noticed is that you have almost no hue-shifting going on in your tile set. I'd recommend looking at the [Syosa's interview on pixel joint](http://www.pixeljoint.com/2009/10/03/2938/Pixel_Artist_-_Syosa.htm). He brushes up on colors a bit. Or [Cure's tutorial on the forums](http://www.pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299&PID=139392#139392). Good luck with this, if it's still active.
  5. slym

    WIP Pixel Art

    If you're looking to become a better artist stick with the transitions. They still look lazy because of how simple they are. This whole entire tile set looks inorganic. Try to create a more realistic grass texture (please don't tell me the current one is for "style" because we both know it isn't). I'd do an edit for you if I had time. Tilesets and graphics in general are necessary to attract players. When you determine what look you are going for, you should consider the outside viewer's perspective more than your own. Think to yourself, "Does this look like a game that my friend ____ would like to play?" Your colors are also pretty saturated! You should spend a lot of time picking the colors you use, it's what I spend the most time on in my personal work. The grass should probably be either browner or more teal (depending on the environment, which I'm not quite sure what it is). And the water could use some hue shifting too. Also, just because Kreator or a "good" artist tells you something doesn't mean you should necessarily follow it. Not unless you can tell it's a really thoughtful response or critique. Do what you will, but I'd highly recommend transitions. Especially if you want to improve as an artist! Good luck with your project :)
  6. Usually best to just do it pixel by pixel. Custom brushes aren't necessarily pixel art, even if they don't use Auto Anti Alias. Besides, it doesn't take too long to do :)
  7. slym

    Desert RPG

    ![](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73544729/charconcepts1A.png) Another character I'm working on. Some weird shady dude…. don't know.
  8. _This was a quick one I wrote up over at my native pixel art forum._ So, leaves. I personally like to break down all of my work into basic shapes. I often see leaves as being triangular. The main issue with figuring out how to shape them, is deciding what you actually want this to look like. I recently have found out that there is a way to "switch" pixel art form cartoony to more detailed styles. It all originates from the shapes that you think of while you are drawing. So, to make this simpler, triangles will look more detailed and defined while circular leaf patterns will tend to produce more of a cartoon style. Now on to actually learning leaf textures: **Step 1: Defining those shapes!** ![](http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff440/t_redmer/shapes.png) What I did here was actually draw out some leaves at different angles. The trick to this is to provide enough angles to have a nice variety of leaves, and to keep them readable as leaves even in a small size. **Step 2: Adding the leaves…..** ![](http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff440/t_redmer/layers-1.png) In this step I thought of the different brightness of the leaves as different layers. I did _not_ copy and paste the leaves from step 1\. Instead, I kept those shapes a reference and redrew them where it was appropriate. When you are creating these layers, it's best to think of them as a mountain. The base (darkest layer) has to be much wider than the others, in order to support the rest of them. **Step 3: Stackin' dem layrzzzz** ![](http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff440/t_redmer/final.png) If these layers are the correct sizes, you should be able to place them on top of each other and see the final result. One thing that I found very important about the leaf placement was thinking of them as a checkerboard. Having the leaves only placed in diagonals with each other helps define the triangular form of the leaf, along with keeping illusions of large leaves from occurring.
  9. slym

    Desert RPG

    Yeah the original pose is outdated in this. You have good eyes :)
  10. slym

    Desert RPG

    Thank you Dolan for explaining. _I'm an asshole_
  11. slym

    Desert RPG

    Nope, not weird. It's logical :P
  12. slym

    Desert RPG

    JCSnider: I have strong connections with Microsoft employees. There are always ways to find what you're looking for ;) ICT: I appreciate your hatred. Marsh: All it takes is a lot of dedicated time for learning and developing. No srsly…. I've pixeled every day since the day I joined here back in '08\.
  13. slym

    Desert RPG

    The bow is too small for an outline. Also, the only outlines are on characters, and they fade away with the purple. (It's easiest to tell on the wolverine. the purple is a placeholder). Thanks :)
  14. slym

    Desert RPG

    Hola, ![](http://www.pixeljoint.com/files/icons/petwolf.png) ![](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73544729/Animatinos/desertarcher9.gif)![](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73544729/Animatinos/standing_shoot3.gif)![](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73544729/Animatinos/crouch.gif)![](http://dl.dropbox.com/u/73544729/Animatinos/roll6.gif) I'm still alive. If any of you are wondering, I am currently working on 5 commissions. Kung Fu Killforce for XBOX Arcade/iPhone/iPad/Android, Heaven Demon Slayer 8 for PC/Mac, a football game for iPhone/iPad, an untitled MMORPG for XBOX Live/PC/Mac, and the project that these sprites belong to for iPhone.
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