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  1. Definitely version 1\. The font matches the logo's shape.
  2. Looks pretty good man. Keep up the good work!
  3. This thread definitely looks better. It has a freaking gradient.
  4. Socuine

    GUI Contest Voting

    Definitely Voobus.
  5. Socuine

    Last Meal

    Definitely a bottle of disaronno, a big tasty and some Chick McNuggets.
  6. Socuine


    > I meant to quote both. >.< Well then, it appears you have failed in doing so, Syn. Mother fucker
  7. Socuine


    > You already have me… XD..
  8. > What an ugly creature. Extremely agreed haha.
  9. Once renevue is boosted by 70% they'll HAVE to make a new series. Renevue is currently at 45%. In one fucking month.
  10. > Yeah, can't wait to watch this ish. DBZ's one of the few things I haven't outgrown haha. Never cared much for DBGT, though it did get better at the end. > > You sure about a new series? That was originally an April Fools rumor floating around. As far as I know, Akira Toriyama hasn't confirmed or even hinted at anything new. Definitely. Used to watch DBZ so much but declined to watch DBGT. Quite positive that the series is followed after the movie. Seen some sources numerous times. Will do some research on this though. Also, Budweiser, it's definitely a Sphynx cat. ![](http://www.petside.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/fullsize_slideshow_image/slideshows/sphynx-cat-breed-1.jpg)
  11. > Because cats have super elongated ears, right? It's a bunny rabbit.. with a very long tail. And claws. Honestly, it's just a cat with Swag. Yolo.
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