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  1. Noticed that the pictures are missing. Will fix asap. NOTE: FIXED
  2. When you create dark typography on a solid, dark canvas, make sure to even that out by applying a stroke on this typography, with an embedded bevel and emboss look.
  3. Socuine

    Abstract Stuff

    @SuperSake: > I thought Socuine was Lightning for the longest time. Say, what?
  4. Socuine

    Abstract Stuff

    Haha, I remember using Brushes non-stop when I first set foot in Photoshop. Brushes were so HTML5 as of now, wait, what? Looks good, keep making stuff.
  5. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2100081/
  6. @Dash: > It's his style of doing Chibi, you can't compare the first Anime to Anime's that are out now everyone adds there own style. > > They are nice sprites. You couldn't have said it better. Thanks Dash. :)
  7. @Robin: > ![](http://i.imgur.com/4mmPe.png) THE Hell. xD
  8. @Your: > When I said like, I meant what I thought was bad. You disappoint me. > I'm talking about the arms looking like disgusting noodles. He doesn't have any shoulders. > They just hang down in an awkward position. I know, I've done the same thing in the past. > > And I know what the chibi style is. Chibi isn't an excuse to have arms like that. Chibi isn't an excuse for you to rant like this, Fuu. I expected more professionalism from you. Let's not argue about anatomy definition because they _should_ differ, to make things rather unique. You are both talented artists. Help each other, the world already has enough scum.
  9. // Original string that needs to be modified $original = "abcdef"; // Modified string from original $modified = str_replace("a", "![](http://www.burstingforce.com/font/a.gif)", $original); $modified = str_replace("a", "![](http://www.burstingforce.com/font/a.gif)", $original); echo $modified; ?>
  10. Ah okay, I understand. Well, now you do know what Nesting is. I'm pretty sure that when you nest, things are bound to be clear.
  11. Socuine


    Wow, pretty good dude! c(:
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