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  1. Hello everyone ! With a few days late, here comes the pre-alpha 3a. Major changes : -New sprites. Download : https://ufile.io/qsby1 OR https://www.dropbox.com/s/d7x1stbtjrap2cf/DBSOnline.rar?dl=0 Main page downloads has been updated. Join our discord here : https://discord.gg/FhypnP8 For the next : -Custom hair and cloth for your char. (Energy wave has been disabled for a while, it's not needed for now.) See you !
  2. Hello everyone ! My pixels artists had a problem with her hand, and can not work with me anymore. I wanted to release the Pre-alpha 3 this week end, but the game developement slowed. I apologize because i also been in hurry for many things irl, i do what i can. What is new : -Super bug fixe : the projectiles (kikoha, energy waves..) and other attacks can no longer be throw in 2 directions in same time. This bug was really annoying and it's been here for a year already.. glad i fixed it finally. Here is 2 things, but only one of them can be done : 1 : i focus on the pixel art and the pre-alpha 3 is released in a week 2 : i realized that there are many things unfinished and i finish all of them first but the pre-alpha will have to wait till i finish this + the pixel art. So we will see how things will go. Join the discord server here : https://discord.gg/FhypnP8 See you !
  3. Hello everyone ! I got some news for you : -Better IA : NPC can now follow the player -Bug fix (as always) -New sprites : ![0_1524597488490_screen.png](/assets/uploads/files/1524597580158-screen-resized.png) What do you guys think about it ? For the future : -Making a better IA : pathfinding and attacking players. -More animations for the sprite -Male and Female version of your character -Equipping stuff like paperdoll -Custom hair See you !
  4. Hello everyone, game is still going, i paused it for a few weeks, and started again, someone joined the team as pixels artist, a good one. -The swift systeme is now working totally clean -Bug fixes -The transformation systeme is finished at 90% -Game is more fluide -Animations are now working better Currently working on : -Finishing the male and female sprites, -Customizing the characters -Better IA -Better maps Screenshots will come when the sprites will be finished. See you !
  5. You can join the discord, i will put news on it every time : ) https://discord.gg/FhypnP8 See you !
  6. Hi all ! The game is still alive, we're making a lot of effort to make the game Online, and also we are making everything better, like the animations, bug fixes. And also i'm making something which takes quit time to achieve, it's the character customization systeme, which means players will be able to create theire own character as : haircut, cloths, and also skills. Have a great day, the game is still hiring so if you got any abitlity and want to help, don't hesitate : ) .
  7. @Coyote that's not how it works ... this is the 3rd dbz engine i see in a month, show respect to him ? When he don't even show any respect ? Selling a bugged and illegal engin is acting like we are fools who would buy anything just because "it works a little and he put time on it". Just tired by these engines, if you want to sell one, make one who works and works well. Looks like EA relasing a unfinished and bugged game.
  8. Your engine is bugged as f.... i seen it clearly, i am also making a dbz related game FOR FREE and i see a lot of things in your game, they don't destroy the gameplay, but it affect it on a bad way so it's a bug.. And i hope no one will work for you for free, because you give nothing for free and ask for free help?Are you serious ? People like you who want to do games on a community for money are the worst, because game will be a pay to win or smth #EA . And don't tell me your selling tallent because your tallent made bugged things ._.
  9. This thing, looks kinda old, sorry to say that but i see many bad point on this : -Not enough animation -In spanish (put it in english please) -Not enough information about the game (coding language ? what does the server looks like ? ..) -Maps are made by mixing rpg maker, and dbz buu fury tiles + sprite, better makes new ones by using the old ones. -I watched the gameplay videos and the sound is kinda horrific, you hear everyone using kikohas in same time, better play it without sound. -the mapping make no sense some times (like the kame house one) -Weird thing on transformation : when you transform your HP MAX value incrase, which means you must heal after transforming, wtf lol .. -And it lack a lot of information about the gameplay, why do you say "in much more" ? when you sell something you must give reason to sell, using numbers "400 maps, 150 items" .. how do they look ? i want to know what are these "much more" things. -And a last point, the trunk transforming in ssj3 .. i was like "WTF ??!!", i am sorry but using many aura animation fastly to make it cool, it could be cool if well done, but it's just like showing random auras one by one, things like these are useless, just 1 is enough, some are too big and bad positionned (compared to the player position). I would have more to say but i don't know enough about this engine. A game like this in 2006 i would be amazed, but come on ! we're in 2017. Sorry if being rude but i dislike things like these, looks like the post is made to sell the engine fastly and nothing more.
  10. I miss the old days, when people like us made games for fun, and not for money..
  11. 50€ lol change the "download" into "buy".
  12. Hello everyone, i wanted to do game graphic improvement, to have more realistic shapes. ![0_1507301103101_OldNew.png](/assets/uploads/files/1507301195615-oldnew.png) The changes aren't big but i still want to make the sprites better than the game (buu's fury), not only a recoloration.
  13. Game is only on version 0.1, and we have to buy it ? Do you by anychance work for €A ior Ubisoft too ?
  14. I would like to use some of these for my game. I just need to gives credit right ?
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