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  1. About the sprites which are in game : The titan is a render which means that someone ripped them from somewhere and gave money for them to be free for all . Next , the RPG MAKER VX Tiles are sold in steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/229752/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace__Modern_Day_Tiles_Resource_Pack/ , please before talking , be sure about what you say . And about my English , idgaf
    Other thing else , stop coming to spam idiotly my discord chat or there will be severe results between us .

    * * *


    > and realized that you were trying to sell it for $20 U.S.D lol $10 more than NIN actually charges xD

    I don't know if you cannot read but I already show you the armor in its original way , don't show your self as an idiot
  2. Hey , sorry about that , our website maker put it and said that it's just to show the armor in a better way , in addition to that your art is different from ours . Btw , you know , there's a better manner to talk .
    There is the original armor
    + I found that your armor sucks , so why crying for shit ?
  3. ![](http://image.prntscr.com/image/52f97e8b6bda427dafb234afca05afcf.png)
    Welcome in the official project developped by Orintoho 88 studio since 2011 . Yeah  … it's an unknown company
    .Now , I will tell you a story , in 2011 I joined Orintoho 88 studio with an original idea to mix some animes in one amazing game ... hmm that was at least an idea . Then in 2013 , I was able to produce a kind of playable version of this game which included Dragon Ball Z and Naruto . Well I can't actually say that I had a lot of success  because in 2014 , I gave up the game and the MMORPG creator's life .... But now , I'm back stronger than ever to produce the ultimate game with the name of :
    A-ONLINE !

    The story begins in an isolated house , the C exam academy part where you'll get the super hero C rank to be an official "ANIME SUPERHERO" and will also be able to fight strong bosses from different anime worlds !

    The game includes 7 animes ( we will add more by time ) , each one of them has 3 characters . Now that you know about characters , let me introduce you those animes :

    **One Punch Man (WanPanMan)
    Naruto Shippuden
    Dragon Ball Super ( Doragon boru supa )
    One Piece ( Wan Pisu )
    Fairy tail ( Feari Teiru )
    Attack On Titan (  Shingeki No Kyojin  )
    Bleach ( Burichu )**

    - The characters are :

    Saitama - Genos - Boros
    Naruto - Sasuke - Madara
    Goku - Vegeta - Black Goku
    Luffy - Ace - Akainu
    Natsu - Grey - Zeref
    Eren - Mikasa - Bertolth
    Ichigo - ? - Hitsugaya

    -Omega boss battle
    -Arena battles
    -Trade system
    -Ascend ranks (Maximum one is "SS")
    - And much more …


    **Original idea~Game maker~Programmer~Owner**
    Kemono | Saitama
    Game maker~Spriter
    King.D Levi

    One Punch Man : ONE
    Dragon Ball Super : Akira Toriyama
    Naruto Shippuden : Masashi Kishimoto
    Attack On Titan : Hajime Isayama
    One Piece : Eiichiro Oda
    Fairy Tail : Hiro Mashima
    Bleach : Noriyuki Abe

  4. You can only insert BMP pictures in VB6 , and yes it's the picture tab… To insert a gif in your main with VB6 , you must download Gif dll or ocx and add it to your project's dlls . then select it from your tools and put your GIF in . I can't help more for free lol , that's why I gave your my skype .
  5. I'm not giving all the solution but here is a way to follow
    Client side :
    Create an image with a color background(In photoshop or something like that) (Like green or pink) , it will be considered as a transparent background … but you'll have to create a transparency module , then add this code into your picture :
    Replace R and G and B with the amount of R(Red) G(Green) B(Blue) in your image background 

    good luck !
  6. I can't do exactly the same as your example , but at least there is 95% from it that I can do.
    If you don't find someone that can do the entire website , send me a pm with your skype ID in it.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a graphic designer who is looking for paid work .
    I'll now share with you my recent works as an exemple  :

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