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  1. I agree with murdoc, the walls would make much better bridges than walls, they don't look good as walls what-so-ever
  2. BlazingShadow

    3D models

    > Arguing with you guys seems a bit pointless as you can't understand my point. Blender is not easy to use, that's why it's not a good tool for starters. It's interface is anti-intuitive and messed up. Both Maya and Max are way easier to use, have more and better tutorials all over the web and when you learn the basics with them you don't have to learn them again with another program to do more advanced stuff. > > The point about one software being expensive and the other being free is absolutely missed if you want to do those graphics professionally, because nobody will give half of a duck if you made your entire portfolio in pirated software. More likely they will ignore you BECAUSE you used free software. When you apply for a job where the company uses programs like Photoshop, Maya, AutoCAD - that company is not interested in your pureness of heart and dislike for piracy - all they care about is you being able to use the software they have without the need to teach you how to do it, because nobody gives a duck about Gimp. > > And if you don't want to do it professionally, why the duck would you care if it's licensed or not? Oh, right, because you have silly dreams of making something by yourself that you can then profit from without investment. You can't. I think I get what you mean, basically because of the way blender is laid out and stuff, you wouldn't be able to apply the techniques you learn in blender into maya or max? So you might as well just start with those.
  3. > Dissatisfaction lead to abandonment. > > Here's try #3 > > ![](http://i45.tinypic.com/2gt69w3.png) > > I'll get around to the grass tile next. Too me, it looks as though there is too much of the lightest shade on the leaves, maybe add another shade between that shade and the shade 1 below it.
  4. > No I wanted to show off my engine progress and female dog about browsers. fair enough.. don't mind me then ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png) Although my personal preference is: Chrome > Firefox > Every other browser > Internet Explorer
  5. > I noticed this too, but didn't mention it. I'd definately recommend looking into volume and EQ mastering though. You noticed what? That it was too quiet?
  6. > i think the black lines a bit edgy maybe use another color closer to the colors of the images edges. also make it blend more so that its not out of place. theres nothing wrong with bring other images together. you did nicly keep working and you will improve. ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png) Thanks, and thanks to synergy too, I've actually made a background from scratch now which is more abstract.. I'll put it here in a sec: Okay here is is, my first from-scratch wallpaper: ![](http://i.imgur.com/Q32gP.jpg)
  7. Guys.. he wanted help on how to fix his chrome incompatibility, which he's done now.. don't turn it into a browser debate.
  8. > I went from listening to a song on half volume, to listening to this at full blast, and I could barely hear it. The biggest problem is the mastering. Then I believe there may be something wrong with your speakers. Nobody else has said it was too quiet, infact some people actually said it was too loud.
  9. > Well, I'm sure you've worked this out already, but high quality speakers and headphones are important for music composition. Yep, which is why I bought new ones of both. Also, I just uploaded the new version, it's in the place of the old one. I also temporarily removed the download, and while I'm moving on to work on the next track, I'd still appreciate any constructive criticism you may have to offer
  10. > How the heck didn't you notice it? originally because my headphones died not long ago so only the left ear worked xD and my monitor speakers weren't good enough to tell. Then I got my good speakers and couldn't tell because my right speaker was behind my monitor.. Also little correction, it wasn't the sample that panned it, FL Studio decided to pan it by it's self without changing any of the actual settings.. all i had to do was delete the channel then put it back in. I spent 3-4 hours last night trying to improve the transition from lead to build up. and I added some variety to the whole drum & bass thing after the "drop". Finally, regarding jungle's comment on the track being too quiet. My speakers were at 8% and it was fine.. If anything it's too loud.
  11. > Good job on asking for advice then ignoring and totally denying our criticism. > > Also thanks for correcting me on bassdrum = kickdrum. > > I think now is a good time to act honest, so i will.. and say that this sounds totally horrible. But still, its okay, make another 30-40 songs and you'll get the sound right. After all, electronic music is pretty easy I didn't ignore or deny any of the critisism you all gave, infact I've took it into thought, and am now remaking the track. The only part I denied is the kick drum being panned because it isn't at all. Why would I pan the kick drum? @Bonixmusic Thanks for the honest feedback. ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png) Edit: Correction, I apologize to everyone who said the kick was panned, I was disagreeing because I haven't panned it, but for some strange reason the sample It's self is panned.. In the totally new version of the track where I've taken into account all the feedback I've received, I'm going to change to a different sample that isn't panned.
  12. > Your kick drum is panned 100% to the left. > > It's a good start that your using envelopes and automaton clips, I wouldn't suggest focusing on selling them though, keep practicing and look into either using new cleaner and higher quality sound sets and samples, or producing your own. My Kick drum is panned 0% in either direction, I never pan drums except for the rare small fill sometimes.
  13. > You should get proper software to make your music with. > > Also the mix is swaying, and kinda dirty. Also why is the bass drum panned left? :S In what way is FL Studio not proper software? Avicii, Basshunter, Deadmau5 and more use it. The bass drum (Kick Drum) Isn't panned either way… @Jungle Thanks for the feedback, I'll take that into consideration.
  14. > its not bad but neither amazing, good job anyway. Thanks, think you could tell me what I could improve?
  15. [background=rgb(232, 239, 244)]Hi guys.[/background] [background=rgb(232, 239, 244)]I recently-ish started producing music, and a friend suggested I open up shop on bandcamp, so I did. I have one track there at the moment and am currently making a new one. All of my singles will be priced at £1 but you have the option to pay more if you wish.[/background] [http://arktikofficial.bandcamp.com/](http://arktikofficial.bandcamp.com/) [background=rgb(232, 239, 244)]Thanks for checking me out.[/background]
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