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  1. Thx so much now i've got it
  2. @mohenjo-daro can u give me an example of how to move the GUI
  3. @solidlink need abit more detail thanks
  4. Can someone help me understand how the ingame hp bar mp bar exp bar n hotkey bar and buttons and everything can be moved the positions.
  5. @coyote Thanks for your help :D
  6. Hehe its ok i just need a developer if possible.
  7. I need a Developer who can develop a game engine of pokemon need it to be a MMORPG **Features :** Weather System Badges Gym Battle Hall of fame Ranking Hexagon Stats for pokemon Poke' Nav HM's and TM's Moves Ability's Type's Nature Battle system 1st Pokemon Follow Items Pokemart Pokecenter and all the other things which are included in latest pokemon games. ***PM me your Price and Details.*** Thank You
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