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  1. > This would be more appropriate to be handled in a pm or somewhere else not in the thread thanks. I Don't think So, if Positive FeedBack is accepted, negative Must even be encouraged ! so Developers in this Forum don't think that Eclipse Encourages this kind of behavior. Best Regards,
  2. I made a simple CPS test if it can be usefull : ![](http://snag.gy/yIze5.jpg) ![](http://snag.gy/FNCJY.jpg) The VB6 version **Seems better** (i did remove the sleep(1) on the vb .net version ),
  3. about time we see something like this ;) how about a **stress test** though ? just to see if it's worth to convert to .Net !
  4. Ryo

    Eclipse 4.0 [Source]

    > I am working on integrating the good code of the engine into Eclipse Worlds such as the UI, skin editor, and pet system. I will continually optimize and revamp the code as I improve it. don't add Pet system in, it will reduce the server fluidity a lot, it's like having double time the number of players online, don't overload your server man ^^ > No offence intended, but I'd rather see a cleaned up code for EO 4 rather than converters into Worlds, just my two-cents and I have a feeling other people feel the same way. Worlds is by far better than Eo4 specially if the good features are copied and optimised from eo4 to there; sorry to see you paied for that :/
  5. Ryo

    Eclipse 4.0 [Source]

    The only thing I can reproach to vb6 is it's lack of multi threading, Anywhere else it is not that bad!
  6. Ryo

    Eclipse 4.0 [Source]

    I will release a better dungeon system with the next official release of eclipse, it will be my way of supporting the new staff, it will be open source and free to use and modify as you wish.
  7. I can do them all, They will be very optimised ;)
  8. Ryo

    Eclipse 4.0 [Source]

    first,I thank you very much for bringing back eclipse to it`s former state! i checked the EO4 source,and i must say REFUND BACK the money, the only unique features of this version are ZONES and DUNGEONS, for Zones i am frustrated… not only it`s badly coded,it`s specially very badly thinked.. how would i do it would you ask? first of all, i would have made only zone npcs,no more need for map npcs... it just make the server overloop hundred of times more than needed (check the CPS it`s awfull) , and then if i need an npc to stay in a map of that zone we need just to add a conditional check... second i would have added seemless maps , zones are just worthless without that. now for Dungeons, wich i think is the only interesting feature code wise in this engine, it seems that part of it`s code was removed! EO4 isn t worth a penny without it.
  9. You need something like this? (41 second ) [http://youtu.be/VpaHXj71EWE?t=41s](http://youtu.be/VpaHXj71EWE?t=41s)
  10. > Open source is coming back, it's been said many times thus far… I know that s why i started my sentence with " just". It's the most important thing to do at this point ! And the only way to see eclipse at its former glory, Adding scripting back in the base version of eclipse would be a terrible idea btw!
  11. you mean like this Xaden? ![](http://snag.gy/YLMHA.jpg)
  12. I won't mind a review on my own game, It s still in beta and in French though! An English version will be available soon ;-)
  13. Hello, I'm the founder of Naruto Zero, it is an active mmorpg since 3years now i almost can code anything! You can check my own game for proof If you're interested by quality send me a pm.
  14. Did you modify the server loop in any way? Did you modify the timers? It's also very likely that your host is either limiting multiple sockets connexions or is simply too much away from the players, How is your ping to that server?
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