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  1. I'm just saying out loud what most of the community thinks :) Anyway are you aware there is at the very least 2 other mmo making engine out there that are way better,that are crossplatform supports hundreds of players at once and costs less then 55 pounds? won't say the names unless you have enough confidence (and maybe Curiosity) to let me ;)
  2. wow mate calm down Hypertension can make your balls explode :p Well Just Let me quote you : > Konfuze's Reign > Aah, Konfuze. The love child of Coke, GodSentDeath and Unreal. These three teenagers used Mirage's source code to release their very own engine. **My God was it a success!** Imagine that Godsentdeat didn't made Konfuse for free as you now and mate your engine is Great really ^^ but for the time Konfuse…That was a revolution Would the Robin you're now even exist? :)
  3. @Lightning: > People know their balls will be cut off if they do. Guess You don't even have balls then :)
  4. @Robin: > It _requires_ basic VB6 knowledge to edit any of the interfacing at all. It uses no controls. Same goes for everything else. If you're not willing to learn and you're not willing to work then this engine is not for you. From this quote I assume this is Full source Code What will stop anyone from releasing this for free to everyone else?
  5. @pankaka: > You can do that. > You know the engine really well, right? > Since Robin can't give us any tips or at least something. > I mean he didn't create the engine and doesn't know it in and out. > > Sarcasm ends here. > Idiot. huh Noob Origins is so simple your mum would have coded a son with it instead of giving birth to you…
  6. code it yourself that's too specific –'
  7. @Robin: > RobinP > Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:33 pm > Location: Yorkshire, UK > Ah, I should be fine then. The game is a labour of love, and I'll never be using it to fill my pockets. ![](http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Zfh_DxJq6dzgQM:)
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