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  1. @Soul: > @Jungletoeâ„¢: > > > I somehow manage to get some help questions too. Somehow… > > >implying you help anyone at all. This is not 4chan, i laugh at how a mod is trying to bring 4chan into eclipse (thus destroying the community with trolling) and the admins do nothing about it.
  2. @â•‘Veneranceâ•‘: > @Olliepop#20: > > > Funny, 'faggot' is usually a derogatory term for 'Homosexual' and since Robin is a bit of a whiny female dog I thought he would have complained by now > > From wikipedia : > > In some countries, faggot has additional meanings: a bundle of sticks, a culinary term for herbs or seasoning added to a meal; "faggot trim", a style of embroidery in clothing; and faggots, which are a kind of meatball. > > LOL Are you actually that socially retarded? Taking a word in common urban youth slang and quoting from WIKIPEDIA to disprove it? I'd say it's more wrong that you've never heard of the use of the word than wrong that you quoted from wikipedia (AKA you have no friends IRL or are a hermit)
  3. java

    Game resets

    Go into your Eclipse folder > Server > Accounts. Is your account in there? Also, are you trying the username and password are you expecting the RPG 'remember me all the time' approach?
  4. Funny, 'faggot' is usually a derogatory term for 'Homosexual' and since Robin is a bit of a whiny bitch i thought he would have complained by now
  5. java

    Hello again

    Just popping in to say hi to everyone *looks at calendar* *looks at Engine Development* Do you guys believe that SE isn't gonna come out yet? /discuss
  6. Eclipse Origins – Robins wannabe attempt at a revisted vb6 engine. (Sorry you're 4 years too late)
  7. That's a beautiful horde poster on the wall, anybody else agree with me here? I love the texture of the red and the font. /r/ font name
  8. @Robin: > Personal insults aren't going to get you anywhere. ;D Hypocrite
  9. Well i've been here since '05… unless you're not saying that
  10. @NGHS: > God, its taken you this long to post this? > We should have stoped VB6 when barons EE1 came out….... I've been saying this around these forums since end of 2008, mate ;) (note i've had multiple accounts here) I commend HM highly on porting to Java, regardless of how long it takes. As long as Eclipse makes it to the new world before it's too late… I agree we should have stopped in ee1\. Quite frankly i think it should have been ported to .NET right then. But nobody had the time, and not many had the skills to port it efficiently.
  11. Hey guys. I am a MASSIVE supporter of VB6\. It is the first programming language I ever learnt, thanks to Mirage and Eclipse back in '05\. The problem is that it is no longer supported – almost entirely unsupported by Microsoft. While arguable, one cannot argue that one day in the near, forseeable future VB6 will become the next DOS. Listen to me -- every day on the shoutbox and on these and misc other forums I hear people ramble on about how they're going to make stuff in VB6 which will one day be "massive" or "kind of popular". VB6 should from 2011 be considered a dead language. In 2011 when Microsoft releases Studio 2012, chances are that the framework and runtimes associated with it will in no way support VB6\. Basically, this means that people who buy new computers from then on will have to install shitloads of OLD updates to run your software. Sure, basic VB6 software will run. But using old codecs or components which are currently barely supported, it will die. This applies to almost everything - ESPECIALLY WINSOCK. Peace. This is not a rant. I am trying to help. Learn Java - I started 2 years ago and now never regret it. It took a while for me to grasp it after VB6, but after getting the basic concept it flows in my veins just like HTML.
  12. They won't screw you over.. and if your website gets popular and you make money off premium or advertising then you go to dreamhost or 1&1\. Just transfer your files & SQL and re-DNS your domain name… Also, X10Hosting is by far the best free host. They also do paid services, only $10USD per month which i highly recommend. Very professional support and cPanel etc
  13. @NGHS: > No one will play your game if they have to download a program because you are to lazy to A. Port forward or B. Pay for hosting. Quoted for truth
  14. java


    The best place to start C++ is building something like a password storer. That's how i used to start by learning a language. It taught me file i/o, i adapted to the syntax, and learnt many of the languages natures.
  15. @silentdemonic: > I would not recommend $20 deposits at all, in the world of the Internet where many a person is being scammed the best way to do things is via PayPal. It is better to take a 10% fee of the final price then upon completion send them a watermarked/copyrighted image and request full payment. This way you have a minimal 10% fee, they will be able to see the work truly is done and should then have no problem paying the remainding fee. PayPal will stop a dispute AS SOON AS THEY SAY THEY WERE PURCHASING INTANGIBLE GOODS. I agree with the 10% and watermark etc. My point was that there should be a deposit so you know they're not wasting your time or scamming you.
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