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  1. > Join the club. This is why I'm taking a huge break from ranked. It pisses me off too much and then I just go into a downwards spiral. Just had a 90 min stalemate match with agora and the crew…. Man that was ducking irritating. Longest match I've ever had.

    The game after that I was doing great as Shen and then our ADC afked while being like 9/0 and we lost. Then I went Elise top and obviously had to carry us to win, so that brought me back to 18 LP. Just finished a game stomping as Nasus, was 4/0 and got 2 drags by myself, but of course our bot lane went 2/7 and 1/12\. Back to 0 LP again.
  2. > Waaaaaaaait a second.  ::botsta::  Did you use the runescape chat box as a background texture? Lol. Sorry, it just sticks out to me :b

    Nope, Rapture made it. It's very reminiscent of it though now that you mention it :P
  3. Wow.

    So I was feeling kind've down. I was at 0 LP in Silver 5 and felt like I wasn't getting out anytime soon, so I thought, fuck it, why not queue up for solo queue, I can't go any lower.

    I won my first two games and got to 33 LP. I called it a night, because it was around 3 AM.

    I then decided that I've been sleeping so late, that I'm gonna pull an allnighter to fix my sleep schedule and go to sleep at a normal time tonight.

    Fuck it, I said. I queued up for ranked.

    I went fucking MAN MODE. 10 game win streak, now in Silver 4.



  4. I don't like the vibe I'm getting from "Tales of a New World." I dunno the exact word I'm looking for, it just sounds to broad and story-ish. I like Emberstorm because it's short and memorable (like Ambardia, or Runescape, or Aegis.)
  5. > Idk, but at first I thought those were cans of Cat Food e_e (purr :3) But looks delicious anyways <3

    Haha, the hamburger actually does kind've look like cat food. I had no hamburger but a bunch of patties so I just mixed em together :p
  6. I was making some pizza just now and I realized why not take some pics and throw it up on the cooking section? This was a bit out of nowhere so sorry the pictures aren't as nice as my chili recipes :p


    1 Roll of Pizza Dough

    1 1/2 cups of tomato/pizza sauce

    2 cups of mozzarella cheese

    1 cup of sliced red and green peppers

    1 cup of turkey

    This recipe was really simple. All you have to do is prebake the dough for about 8 minutes at 400 degrees til it turns slightly brown, then throw on all the ingredients and cook for another 12 minutes. Pics below!







    **LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!**
  7. > Nice. Only thing I'd add to that is maybe diced green peppers near the end for some extra color and crisp.

    I actually had peppers and was going to add them, but forgot because I never usually do :( 

    Thanks for the feedback :D
  8. > Damn im hungry xD
    > Im going to do a "Jackie's laziness's special egg ramen" for crzy the hated later (probably whenever i feel hungry late night stay up codin)
    > But i dont think I stand a chance of winning against your recipe x3
    > Who doesnt love bacon?

    Thanks :D The bacon isn't even really necessary … but man do I love bacon
  9. Here's my chili recipe. I've made this so many times that I know my recipe by heart now. It's nothing over the top, it just good ingredients that come together and make some great tastes. Let's get started.


    1 pound of ground beef

    2 chopped onions

    3-4 strips of bacon

    2 cans of beans (I used two small cans, you can use one large can.)

    1 can of ground tomatoes **OR** 2-3 whole tomatoes (I've made it with both and they're both just as good!)


    1 tbsp of salt

    1 tbsp of pepper

    1 tbsp of paprika

    2 tbsp of garlic powder

    2 tbsp of onion powder




    **Step 1:** In a medium saucepan on medium-high heat, I like to cook the bacon on it's own for a couple of minutes. Not until it's crispy, but until the fat starts to come out and the bacon starts to slightly brown.


    **Step 2: 
    After the bacon fat has shown itself, throw in the onions.**


    ****Step 3: 
    Let the onion and bacon cook until the bacon becomes crispy and the onions turn translucent.****


    ******Step 4: 
    Next, throw in the ground beef. Cook until it's turned brown.******


    ********Step 5: 
    Now that the beef has browned, you can throw in the spices. and cook for a little longer (about 2-3 minutes)********


    ********Step 6: 
    After the meat has thoroughly browned and is mixed in with the bacon and onions, toss in the beans. The beans will get warm in a couple of minutes, so just toss them in and stir a bit.********


    ********Step 7: 
    Lastly, toss in the tomatoes and turn the heat down to low. Mix everything together well, and then let the chili simmer for about 15-20 minutes, or until it looks like this!********


    ******Then you're done! Make sure you taste to see if it needs more spices. I like to cook out a lot of the strong tomato flavor but keep some in there, of course. I also like to let this sit for a bit to let it thicken up, but it should a lot during the simmering, too.******

    ******This should serve about 4-6 people, depending on how much you like to eat! I ate about half of it by myself. I love to serve it with some shredded mozzarella or Mexican cheese on top.******

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