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  1. @Soul: > Proof? You have none obviously. Don't go around making blatant accusations. Now, even if he is Raiko, which I believe based on accurate evidence to be likely, you really have no proof. > > Now Rune, are you Raiko? Lord of Empire, Ezand, and Rune all frequently post in the "Count to 1,000,000" page and pretty much have the same vocabulary, despite the fact that it seems he's trying a bit harder on this account. Plus all of his projects are essentially the same idea, he always only requests a programmer, and his "future features" lists are always the same. It has to be Raiko, whether or not he wants to admit it.
  2. @Robin: > Jesus Christ. Nice scare mongering there. > > The more it travels the more it disperses meaning the better it is for everyone. Radiation levels in America are not a lethal dose, you cannot die from it. > > Oh, and the Jet Stream speeds you posted are bullshit. I suggest you start questioning your "real news" source. 1\. Click thread 2\. CTRL + F "Robin" 3\. Profit.
  3. @Chackers: > lol? i was joking no need to get all mad im using it right now.. I'm not really one to talk but what the fuck was the point of making that post in the first place?
  4. @crzyone9584: > Programming. Couldn't of assumed he knew that considering he already said he made on transparent, eh?
  5. @iSleepzZz: > can u give me a quick TUT or something to help me edit it? I am new. Search the tutorials section yourself.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 SOMEONE GET THE LADY A RECORD DEAL
  7. @iSleepzZz: > so the higher the willpower, the faster the health rate is? Considering giving yourself less Willpower will decrease your health and spirit regeneration, yes.
  8. Delete anything you have and reinstall everything.


    @_nasa_3322: > after im done the conversion how to i put it in the config file i opened it but wat just type the file name and it will play. and does the sound and music things stay at 1? ``` [Options] Game_Name=Bastion Online Username=herp Password=derp SavePass= 1 IP= Port= 1337 MenuMusic=final_genesis.mid Music= 1 Sound= 1 Debug= 0 ``` Where it says ``` MenuMusic=final_genesis.mid ``` Make it ``` MenuMusic=yoursonghere.mid ```
  10. A quick "replace all" in the client and server files shouldn't do any harm.
  11. For future reference post the ![](code from Imgur. It's a lot less complicated than whatever you're doing.)

    Happy Pi Day.

    @Draken: > naa marsh steak and bj day is tomorrow The Ides of March is tomorrow. Steak & BJ Day is the 16th.
  13. Cut them up into individual .bmps based on Origin's sprite order.


    @Mr.: > You can just use the /warpto* command. The * would be the number map you want to teleport to. /warpto #, not /warpto#


    @kenle89: > how do you just reg attack? …Press CTRL.

    Armor Rating

    I'm pretty sure it is infact calculated by the "damage" bar, it just doesn't change to "defense" when you change the item type from weapon to armor/helmet/shield/.

    New Classes

    Where it says ``` Max Classes = 2 ``` Change the '2' to how many classes you actually have.

    Ice Spell

  19. @Soul: > That's like: sorry I posted but I forgot to give an answer. ![](http://i.imgur.com/M4wQn.png)
  20. Edit the source /editmap Change the pictures in the gui/main /editshop Edit the source Edit the source/put down an attribute corresponding to what you want to happen (if available) you're welcome.
  21. ![](http://i.imgur.com/2rLWr.png) increase the Map X and Map Y to make the map bigger.


    @Jungletoe: > foreveralone.jpg ![](http://i.imgur.com/7WiUL.png)
  23. @juvanio: > Prince, how do I apply the Updater? ^_^ Don't expect everyone do do everything for you. Read the updater's instructions.
  24. ^stoopid n00b < doesn't know the error and does not care for pets V noob
  25. Side face looks a lot different than the frontal face. Besides that, nice job,
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