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  1. > will that work with windows? I don't see any reason why it shouldn't.


    Nice. Like Doc asked are those autotiles?
  3. > ^^ That was a little harsh :( Yeah that was fucked up, I'm sorry.
  4. ![](http://newyorkemploymentlawattorneys.com/files/2011/11/Noose.jpg)?
  5. 'Emberstorm Games' has a nice ring to it :)
  6. Make me a logo that will win the logo contest!
  7. Seems like Elandor is still the clear winner at the moment, up to you though K :D
  8. > Waaaaaaaait a second. ::botsta:: Did you use the runescape chat box as a background texture? Lol. Sorry, it just sticks out to me :b Nope, Rapture made it. It's very reminiscent of it though now that you mention it :P
  9. I don't like the vibe I'm getting from "Tales of a New World." I dunno the exact word I'm looking for, it just sounds to broad and story-ish. I like Emberstorm because it's short and memorable (like Ambardia, or Runescape, or Aegis.)
  10. I like the name Emberstorm, Elandor Chronicles is good too
  11. A bridge. ![](http://puu.sh/3U7VM.png)
  12. Doing some work on the main tiles still. Gonna start working on some environment stuff soon. ![](http://puu.sh/3TYbf.png)
  13. Little update. As you can probably tell I'm going to be working on smooth-corner tiles next :) ![](http://puu.sh/3SAN5.png)
  14. Very WIP tileset stuff … felt weird not posting anything today so I thought I might as well put up something. Remember that none of this is close to final, just testing out some stuff ;) ![](http://puu.sh/3Sy9o.png)
  15. You need to fix that sprite before you do anything else. Look how squished/stretched it is.
  16. > So, after some raging, bug-fixing and tests with McAdams and Rapture, I got player movement done. I would have posted this 8 hours ago, but I had a ridiculously long "rest" after finishing the system. ![](http://indiehub.net/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png) > > > > > >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/czPwTCJ.png?1) > > > > Not really sure what I'll do next, but you can be sure I'll be posting more frequently on this thread so you can be completely up to date on the engine's status.
  17. Looks good depending on the style you go for, I like it :)
  18. G's finishing up account creation while I do the tileset. I'll be posting whatever I get done today. Just showing some paperdolls I did yesterday for now. Every piece of equipment will be paperdolled and will have attack animations. ![](http://puu.sh/3QAn2.png)


    Is it just me or is the shoutbox gone?
  20. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P6-V7J5S-0](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P6-V7J5S-0)


    Could have more detail but the shape was done very nice :D
  22. I'll be following the blog :D Keep up the good work.
  23. And then there were paper dolls ![](http://i.imgur.com/92VE4I0.gif)
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