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  1. @Murdoc: > appears that way lol.. i dig it > > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJV2pWFyfn4&feature=related
  2. McAdamz I play Jax and Master Yi mainly, been trying out Ashe and Morgana. Only played for about two weeks, haven't played since then. Best game went 34-1 >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/ULk1G.jpg)
  3. Looks like you can see too much of his eyes from the side view too.
  4. @Zonova: > one of the wealthiest city in the US. Well that rules out New Jersey…

    Game map

    @Kusy: > The fuck am I reading… photosynthesis? Seriously? It's stupid but technically correct. The best kind of correct.
  6. Decided to settle on this for now. Thanks for the feedback. ![](http://i.imgur.com/wus31.png)
  7. ![](http://i.imgur.com/JDlJT.png) Need some suggestions on coloring for the gray areas. The fonts are not final and I will probably make my own like I did for the numbers.

    Edits of Breeze.

    @Eckhart: > Females' legs looks a bit weird, but other than that they're flawless. its dem hips
  9. dose any1 kno how to add quests??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? please respond
  10. That all seems right on my end…I could be wrong though. I probably am. ``` For i = 1 To MAX_NPC_SPELLS If NPC(npcNum).Spell(i) > 0 Then If MapNpc(mapnum).NPC(x).SpellTimer(i) + (Spell(NPC(npcNum).Spell(i)).CastTime * 1000) < GetTickCount Then NpcSpellPlayer x, target, i ```
  11. Could work, unfortunately I was AFK for about 10 minutes and then I got the RTE.
  12. Logging into the server on any account, old or fresh, yields RTE 9\. I debugged and got this line of code: ``` If MapNpc(mapnum).NPC(x).SpellTimer(i) + (Spell(NPC(npcNum).Spell(i)).CastTime * 1000) < GetTickCount Then ``` ..but I'm not sure what exactly it's depicting. Could I get some help?
  13. I've opened both ports on both the main router and the adapter, but it still seems not to work. For the record, my IPv4 adresses and Default Gateways are different on each of the connections. For the router, it's 172.xx.x.xxx, while on the adapter they're 192.xxx.x.x

    A slight problem

    Try checking your class.ini, though I don't know how you could subconsciously change the stats of all your classes to 255 manually and then forget.
  15. @S.J.R.: > If you have two routers that are connected to each other, you have to forward the port on the primary router to the secondary router. Then it should work, using your current settings. > > Yours faithfully > Stephan. So are you saying that I have to port forward both of the routers, and then hosting the server on my laptop which uses the secondary router (the adapter) will work?
  16. @♥: > Well to be able to port forward the port has to be opened on main router. I'm not sure, but maybe if the port is opened through both it will work if you are connected through the adapter. The ports open and you can host it on the computer that's connected directly to the main router. I was hoping to be able to host the server on my laptop, though. If all else fails I can host it up there.
  17. @♥: > Is it possible for you to connect to the main router? On the laptop I'm using, yes, but it's really slow. On the computer upstairs, yes, the main router is directly connected to that computer.
  18. @♥: > Thats why. When you port forward the port is open on the adapter but not the main router. So how do I remedy this?
  19. @♥: > McAdams do you have two routers? Yeah, we have a main router, and then the one I get my internet off is an adapater and relays the main one's connection.
  20. @Fluttershy: > Turn off windows firewall if it's on That didn't do anything. :|
  21. @S.J.R.: > You might want to try rebooting your router, in order to make sure your settings are being applied properly. > > Yours faithfully > Stephan. Ok I tried that but to no avail. @Fluttershy: > Your wan ip is the ip from ipchicken that Stephan posted. Make sure you give that ip to your friends and not the 192…... Address Yeah, they have the right IP.
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