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  1. could contact through the discord (MasterOp#2430) or in the private forum.
  2. MasterOp

    Text bug

    did you change the text font? it seems to me a problem in the font of the text
  3. ***ENGLISH VERSION AVAILABLE*** ***Demo video*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8DsLHL-UEE&t=77s I'm selling a dx8 engine made by robin perris (crystalshire) modified by me, I was doing it to create my mmorpg game but over time I decided to change the style of the game and decide to sell the engine. The system I put so far was ... - Movement in eight directions - Movement with mouse - Access with mouse - Automatic attack system when selecting the target (the player follows the target and attacks alone). - 8 spaces for equipment - Randomization system of item attributes (The same item may
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