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  1. After Halo - Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and Halo Shock, I would like to present you Halo Revolution! Halo Revolution! Halo Revolution is a mutiplayer game, with no such storyline of signifigance. In Halo Revolution, you and your freinds fight in thrilling game modes, some from Halo ODST, and some from other games. You can purchase temporary weapons, to give you a head start in the game, reccive new armor by playing lots of games and getting kills, and enjoy a Eclipse-Styled version of Halo. Features! Normal = Not decided if in Halo Revolution. Red = Not started Orange = Started, not finished Blue = Finished, in bug testing. Green = Finished Sprites Item Sprites Paperdoll Sprites Tilesets Gun System (Ammo) Maps Ghost Warthog Shield/HP system FAQ: Q: Why aren't any features started yet? A: Numerous reasons. 1) I want to make sure this project actually works, and I get DEDICATED team members, who constantly nag me to tell them what to do. (JKing, but they should be dedicated enough to.) 2) I want opinions on features. for example: "Red halo vs Blue halo?" or "Master Chiefs VS Arbiters?" 3) I can't script. (AKA, the lame newb excuse) 4) Constantly looking for resources online. Not much instant win either. Q: What happened to Community? A: It may still be in progress, but for now, it seems dead, due to the lack of helpers. Q: This won't be as good as the real Halo! Why play it? A: No it won't. It's made on Eclipse, don't expect it to be better than your little Halo ODST. I find it more of a sense of achivement, and enjoyment, to play something made by someone you know. Really, it's not like you guys play that much of other Eclipse games either. Q: How serious is this project? A: As serious as the developers are. Q: This project FAILS TBH. A: How can you say it fails when it hasn't even started? TBH, you fail. Developer Application: How busy you are: How many other projects your working on: Why your intrested in joining this project Role of intrest(s): (1/10, 10>1) How good you are in your role(s): If you want to help this project, sign up with a PM!
  2. All around the house. It smelled so good. I just spread some butter on the bread, it tasted amazing. The bread was so hot, the house smelled like bakery, lol, I make my own bread these days.
  3. Making bread is awesome. It tastes so good afterwards.
  4. Tell those blonde jokes that made you LOL, or that one liner that cracked you up. We'll see who has the best. Joke 1) So a boy named Adam took his blonde girlfreind to a her first football game for a date. After the game, Adam says to the blonde "How did you like the game?" and the blonde replied "Its OK, but why were they fighting over a quarter? I mean, its only a quarter." Confused, Adam asked "What do you mean?" "Well you know, they toss a quarter, then all the men start yelling, Get the quarter back! Get the quarter back!" Joke 2) So a man walks into a pawn shop, to buy a scope for his new rifle. He carefully picks out a scope, and looks through the window. The man laughs hysterically, and the shop owner asks "What?" The man replies "I see two naked people rolling around in the grass." "Lemee see!" the shopkeeper says, and looks through the scope. Then he said "Here are two bullets, i'll give you the scope for free if you shoot my wifes head off, and the mans dick off." "I think I can do that with one shot!" Joke 3) A four year girl named Anne was helping her mother in the kitchen. She noticed a white hair in contrast to her normal brown ones. "Mommy?" Anne said, "Why are all your hairs white?" and the mother replied "Well, each time you do something wrong, and against gods will, one of my hairs turn white!" The girl took in new piece of information, then asked "Mommy? Why are all of Grandmas hairs white?" What are your jokes?
  5. Monkey Boy


    Gem + Chisel = Gem tip BTW, are you recruiting?
  6. godlord-38 soi- 18 robin-15 admeral-9 @ Godlord @SHADERS: > godlord- 35 > will- 21 > robin-15 > admeral- 8 > > **GTFO, my smiley.** @Godlord: > ![](http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p225/Godlord40/1267916891232.jpg) > > Godlord - 35 > SoWilliamSoi - 18 > Robin - 15 > Admiral Refuge - 9 > > Regards, > Godlord. Your messing up the counting.
  7. Godlord - 34 SoWilliamSoi - 28 Robin - 8 Admiral Refuge - 7 Hurt Robin, Heal soi
  8. More info? System: Modes: Meeting Times: Clantag: Other info: I be playing on the PS3, so I might have to start a PS3 Clan if you play The XXXbox
  9. Marsh - BSOD'd Robin - 6 SoiWilliamSoi - 31 Godlord - 31 Anna - (She couldn't handle our tremendous cocks.) ~~Gwen - RAPED~~ Admiral - 7
  10. ~~Marsh - BSOD'd~~ Robin - 7 SoiWilliamSoi - 30 Godlord - 29 (Epic dick boost&lrn2count.) ~~Anna - (She couldn't handle our tremendous cocks.)~~ Gwen - 3 (poppin'zloppin'z Gwen's cherry pie and thus cheating some moa~ on Anna.) Admiral - 7
  11. Marsh - BSOD'd Robin - 7 SoiWilliamSoi - 29 Godlord - 27 (Epic dick boost) Anna - She couldn't handle our tremendous cocks. Gwen - 6 (ducking Gwen and thus cheating some moar on Anna). Admiral - 7 Hurt Robin Heal Soi.
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