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  1. Hey guys! just answering Valentine, sorry for being too late, when i said “Terabin is my real life brother” it means in brazil real life close friend, Valentine does not even know Terabin in real life, you can confirm on terabins facebook or on aldeiarpg “just ask about Leo Mello”
    and i did not say that I was the owner of AldeiaRPG
    stop judging me for nothing.
    I love this community, and all the help from SolidLink and Mohenjo
    see ya! yours Leo Mello - ollixsykes

    **I am what I am**
    I do not need to hide, here are my social networks
  2. i misspelled it in my post i said i don't want to put Terabin name on it (not Benjo) lol

    Now i need proof my own system with my own brother? whats wrong with this website? maybe that's why no one else visits eo, i come to post a system that many of you here are capable of creating but I do not see creating for help new developers, more than 3 years looking for how to encrypt, how to block cheats, hacks, and nothing on forums, now that..... you need proof your own credits. **OH.. for come here and "decrypt" is very fast and simple nah? palms....**

    Well i'm done with it.
  3. Lol you got it, you're fast, thanks for your demonstration sir Jcsnider, i found a way to improve it. I'll update the rmvxadata.wing with an extra layer of security and hide it.

    **EDIT:** just correcting you, everything that has password refers to protection,If you broke this, you go against all the rules, not everyone can do this. So yes this is a tool to protect the files not hide.
  4. terabin is my real life brother, he also use this encryption method on Wings of Misadventure we code it together and i really don't want put your name on it, please inform yourself first BeNjO - The Credits Guy

    About update game files, just do it before encrypt, the encryptation takes 1-2 minutes only.
  5. The updater launches in administrator, but the game does not, still no asking permission after click on launch button.

    If there's no way, no problem, i will remove Launch button, and add 2 shortcuts on desktop, game and updater in installer. But if you have any other ideas about it I'll be happy to read.
  6. Hey Mohenjo, anyway to force updater to open the game has a administrator after complete? because my game can only run in administrator, my anti cheat block, so i tested and cant open after update... i added manifest into my game.exe and everything ok, but the updater still does not recognize and open without administrator.
  7. Hello lovely community, sorry for post again here, but i have new question, i found a bug on Resbak engine (maybe on AE too) the auction system have a big exploit in it, if you put the item for sell for -999999 and another player buy it, you receive the money ,anyway to block the (-) negative?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. @mohenjo-daro said in [A Little problem](/post/701231):
    > If myTargetType = TARGET_TYPE_PLAYER Then
    > If myTarget = MyIndex Then
    > PlayerMsg Index, "You can’t attack yourself.", BrightRed
    > Exit Sub
    > End If
    > End If

    Variable not defined in both methods (index) and (myIndex)

    Edit: defined the variables and i still can attack myself
  9. Are you sure it is on client side? not server side? i tried this way:

    * If targetType = TARGET_TYPE_PLAYER And Target = index Then
    PlayerMsg index, "You can't attack yourself.", BrightRed
    Exit Sub

    and this way:

    * If Player(MyIndex).target = MyIndex Then
    PlayerMsg Index, "You can't attack yourself.", BrightRed
    Exit Sub

    on createprojectile sub at client source, because i don't have any bow or something code related on client , also don't worked :|

    Thanks for the fast reply!
  10. Hello my friends, i have a little problem on projectiles system, im using resbak engine, i can attack and target my own character with bow,arrows(projectiles weapons only) and i can kill myself, how to fix it?

    Thanks alot!
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