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  2. I can see it's green, but it a very yellow green.
  3. I can watch this for hours. http://www.sieni.us//H4X/25.swf
  4. Dthen


    It's all very clean and looks great, in my opinion, but the stained glass windows are just a little bright and stand out too much.
  5. Gravity would keep them there if it was a planet.
  6. Better yet, imagine a planet comprised solely of water.
  7. No, not his college. I meant what I said.
  8. Robin owns ofsted like he owns the noobs on here.
  9. Wow. Your Avatar is what I can see in the shoutbox right now. I wish it would stay like that, but I know it won't.
  10. Not to mention you need to check your spelling and grammar.
  11. I think Admiral just won a cookie.
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